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We are an adult region, so sorry yung'uns. But for adults, Sunset Isles are a chain of fun. Let's start with the largest Isle in the chain. Tiki Isle is a tropical paradise with grand views. Grab a board because surfs up at the beach! Adjacent to Tiki Isle is Marina Isle.
Marina Isle is the commerce hub in the chain, with dining, apartments, lovely parks and great clubs, Like the Sundown Club or the Hangar-on. While you're there, grab a boat, or grab a fishing pole and fish off the dock. Great fun!
Marina Isle is also a port of call for the Emasmus, a beautiful ship that can take you and 79 of your best friends on a cruise!
Horse Isle is an enchanting landscape of birch forests in autumn surrounded by dunes and beach. There's a barn venue for that ho-down now and then. Click on the horse and sit on the pose ball and prepare for a great time as you mount your steed and run the beaches or explore the woodland trails. wildlife abounds... don't get lost!
Zombie Isle is a foreboding, menacing place, but there's treasure to be had for those brave enough to try. Click on the chest at the beach to get weapons and the first clue to find the loot. but be prepared for a desperate fight!
Jurassic Isle is a strange world dominated by Dinosaurs. Beware of the T Rex and Velociraptors. Weapons can be found in the fort. (Click on box). Good hunting! Or running! or Both!
Pandora Isle is inspired by our favorite blue avis. Explore! lovely at night.
The reef is a great place to dive and explore forests of kelp and artifacts. Beware! Sharks can be aggressive at times. Jump on a giant Manta Ray and explore the whole region. you can steer them!
The go-cart track skybox is second to none and is fun! fun! fun! Race a huge complex track for fun and bragging rights. Just take a copy of the style and color you like and rez your own to hit the track!

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xishi 4 months ago
your signup page goes round in circles, need to fix it to welcome visitors.

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