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Its that Spooky Time of Year Again...!
Come check out Foundation Island for all your Horrific Needs!
Halloween Decor, Buildings, Outfits and More!


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Screwy 9d
Fun place to get decoration and Friendly people thank you for having this place
you need Halloween decorations , a must come see great place and great people :) i enjoyed myself...
Keoni 22d
why does it keep telling me unable to verify idenity
oopsee 22d
this happens to everyone at one time or another
your avi information is not being passed or acknowledged by your home server
you may have to re-log several times
simonaskytower 10 months
Wow! Every Season is Represented here. Love it!
scanners 10 months
wow beautiful sim .... all free .. so i like opensim .
KiraWhitehawk 1 years
The thing is, this is an awesome place with tons of high quality creations for halloween and more! Every time I go back I make another's so much fun! But what really impresses me is the friendliness of the greeters, creators and administrators of the grid. This is a standard to which we should all aspire. Thank you!
BeliriaLumley 1 years
Wow! Lots of Halloween goodies, from ornamental, decorative, to wearables. Covers cute to scary Halloween items. Well worth a visit. Thank you, for all the goodies I picked up. Both Chicken Nugget and Chili Bean were very friendly and helpful.
ChilliBean 1 years
Ty Beliria :) so glad u liked the place, pls do visit again us soon!
Tabby 1 years
OMG.. I found everything I needed. TYVM
Thaleia 1 years
Anyone looking for Halloween decorations, party supplies, or just spooky items this is the place to visit! If you are not a shopper it is still worth a visit to listen to all the Halloween music, check out their displays and of course ... throw some confetti around the place! Thank you for my gift. yay!!!!
Thank you ! What wonderful high quality Items !!!!!!
Jessa 1 years
Amazing Work DoneHere, Love it.
VicBelfort 1 years
I was very well received by the creator, the objects are beautiful, I loved it.
Lance_Newhouse 1 years
Not only was I greeted by one of the in-world creators, I was also directed to a specific item that I needed. I can not begin to thank you enough. Well done and timely presentation. I will be back to visit their shops often.
simonaskytower 1 years
Amazing Halloween loot, just what I needed for my party this month. Great job!
thefixer 1 years
Awesome place created by awesome people keep up the good work
mysticmoonlight 1 years
this is awesome!!! ty so much for the warm welcome and helping us complete our halloween project!! you all have done a fantastic job here and i appriciate all the creators that made the creations your offering here ,,,well done~s,,,thank you!!
PurrfecttKatt 1 years
This is absolutely one of the greatest places I have seen on opensim, and to give these awesome items to others is great. The [ep[;e running this sims and the creators are awesome!!!! Love dem Bones!!!

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one of the best Halloween markets in opensim you will find all you need and more to decorate your place for this special festivity ty so much
My best experience EVER !!! and I have been around a long time :-)
A great themed area for the Christmas Holiday.
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