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Home of the Golden Touch Theater group. The Golden Touch Theater ~ a semi-formal theater experience set in beautiful surrounding to enhance your viewing pleasure. All are welcome to come join us as the GT dancers present group and solo numbers to a variety of styles of music. Step through the door into our creative vision for a time... dream our dreams, hear our thoughts, glimpse into the recesses of our hearts and minds. Come one, come all and experience the whimsy, the fantasy, the romance that is Golden Touch.

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Sheku_Thor 9 months
A show you have to see to believe. Phoenix was an amazing relaunch of an amazing dance theatre. Packed house witnessed Golden Touch at its best.
LadyMuse 9 months
Our first set in OpenSim from our first show "Phoenix" 12-15-18:
midnightrain 12 months
My home away from home...

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The Golden Touch Theater presents: Resplendence!
21 Sep 2019 11:00 am SLT
Come watch a show like no other, with light, art, dance, and music to tickle your senses! Our only show today is at 11 am and will be live-streamed on youtube! Come early to ensure you have a seat :...
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PyroVR putting on a Fireworks show to celebrate 1 year of Utopia Skye Grid!
21 Sep 2019 01:00 pm SLT
PyroVR fireworks will be putting on a show of epic proportions... Fireworks, set to music, so realistic you'd swear you were sitting right there at home listening to them and seeing them in the real w...
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