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Get wet and wild at the " ADULT ONLY " land of Black Gryphon. Sky dive, slide down the water slide, go boating and jet ski . You can sun bath, join the outdoor " Black Gyphon" dance area or pick one of the special hangout areas. You can fish for gifts only from here. Men get your trunks for the beach while fishing. Again, adults only in adult only form no teens or children of any kind. Thank you. Have fun! - 3 sister sims in one area and one more being added to access all for fun times. You can Boat over to Black Gryphon - Atlantis and back to Flying Gryphon to club and explore under and above land. Also, coming soon is a new land to be accessed for riding , skating and exploring of the Sunset Skater Park.

spinning now... 1-4-2020 live

The new - pool side event area - of black grypyhon atlantis.. with live dj guillo

chillax with friends

One sneak peak.. of little india.. part of the complex...


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Guillo Elan Love it
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Guillo Elan 19 days ago
Nice music at the pool party event, the Dj is great and handsome, the only person more good looking than the DJ is the host :P
wicked 19 days ago
I love it.. hugs .. giggles hugs Guillo
wicked 27 days ago
The gateway to the Fantasy Complex has changes. It will now have 2 floors but more being added. The landing point will house the LM's .. just click on the posters. Horse back riding option now added as well. ( the complex has changed to multiple floors. ) Still adult only and still under watchful eye of wicked.
wicked 27 days ago
Thank you, for the like, Gotham and Jimmy. :) I am adding a few improvements. Now with hang gliding , water ski and hidden tiki snuggle huts on a hide away hill. Full long pool for pool party events and access to the Black Gryphon Combo - Azteca land.. Club has not events yet but the floor is animated and you are welcome to enjoy it..
wicked 3 months ago
Hi, lovely guests and family - Temporary down due to server update. Be back in a few hours. ty
wicked 4 months ago
Hello, my friends also.. for all those of the boat club of flying gryphon, you will no longer be able to use that group tag for the combo lands of atlantis and black gryphon. Just message wicked way and we will go from there. Thank you. Hugs
wicked 4 months ago
Hello, lovely visitors and friends. The adult only black gryphon may have the "Fantasy complex " under construction as it may be made ease of access for guests, to make it brighter. Also, You will notice some new added changes I will create for the new black gryphon of combo. :) thank you, wicked
wicked 8 months ago
Black Land - Atlantis - Now has, the Fantasy Complex. Various rooms of explorable hangouts with dances.. Perfect to go alone or bring friends or a group to have a good time. Each room has different style and design. Be warned, there are tp's to other regions on the grid that are concealed for more exploration.So, get ready to have an adventure.
wicked 10 months ago
Beacons were down but now that they are up.. To let you know, I also created the wonders of the jungle the landmarks are at most locations to go there too. The Voodoo Tunnels are almost finished but be aware that there are many hidden spots. Time to get curious..
Shaleen 1 years ago
It is a beautiful land with so many fun and exciting things to do and see. The owner is amazing and has done and continues to do a great job making it a must see.
AnonymousAngel 1 years ago
Hi, friendly notice to all reading or trying to get or locate - Flying Gryphon. The land is not gone. We had a unscheduled work done on grid for some improvements. The Event for Saturday was never canceled, and maybe rescheduled, for any of those inquiring. If you had or are having tp issues, be aware there is still a little more fixing going on should be done soon. :) Hope to see you soon.