Hot Rod Diner

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Debut Uncle Leroy 6pm @ Gators
7 Jan 2020 18:00 SLT
Debut Uncle Leroy 6pm @ Gators Uncle Leroy is a Blues man born in rural Kansas back in the 50s has been performing since he was 13. In real life he's signed with Fossyl Records and is getting airplay...
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@ Gators 5pm grid time on GCG Terry Laidback
7 Jan 2020 17:00 SLT
@ Gators on GCG at 5pm grid time The amazing singer Terry Laidback Terry Laidback is an airbrush artist and musician from Nova Scotia, Canada who has over 30 years RL musical experience. He plays gu...
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4pm at Gators--Krisie Snowdrop
7 Jan 2020 16:00 SLT
4pm at Gators--Krisie Snowdrop Krisie is a singer from Canada a home town girl Krisie Snowdrop brings her amazing vocals to Gators where she takes you through an hour of songs that cross genres. ...
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TGIF Party Dj Phoenix 4-6pm @ Gators on GCG
27 Dec 2019 16:00 SLT
TGIF Party Dj Phoenix covering for Shanyna 4-6pm @ Gators on GCG DJ Shay!! I love music and my way of expressing that love is sharing it with folks as I DJ. I am mainly a blues and rock DJ, but I...
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Dan Sings 6pm @ Gators
22 Dec 2019 18:00 SLT
Sunday Night PARTY: Dan Sings 6pm @ Gators According to Dan, music is a window to the soul conveying feelings as well as lyrical and musical information. He does his best to feel a song as he sings,...
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Paul Nowles Live 6pm @ Gators
21 Dec 2019 18:00 SLT
Saturday Night Party Paul Nowles Sings Live 6pm @ Gators Paul sings Classic Rock cover songs by, including but not limited to, Bon Jovi, Bob Seger, Journey, Peter Gabriel, Nickleback, Styx, Lou Grahm,...
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Debut Garth Lannock 11am Gators
8 Nov 2019 11:00 SLT
Debut Garth Lannock 11am Gators Garth has been in the music scene for over 34 years. Garth toured all over Europe, as a professional drummer/singer in several bands. And now one of the hardest work...
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