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Once apon a time a set of regions existed in a virtual world for a community that didn't exist virtually yet. The year was 2006 and two furs started something they weren't indended on starting. Kithylin Perth and Redfox were the two first virtual furs that stumbled into Second Life. Neither one could see what was happening: They were building a community of other furs who saw Second Life as an affordable gateway. They continued to build on this community, adding and removing regions as they went until the majority was owned by another fur: Foxkin Impfondo. He ruled over his land as a fair and honest fur. He was a suiter and artist in real life, and became one of my closest friends. So close in fact I stood with his most trusted admins at his funeral in February of 2017, marking the end of the Fur Valleys in Second Life.

The valleys as a whole stood as a symbol for furs that there was a place for them to come to that was safe, a place where they could hide fro their crappy days and be themselves. For this reason I've decided to start up the valleys in OpenSim. The eventual goal will be to have all 44 regions running as long as possible to continue to be a beacon, and what better way to start off then with the first two regions that were created: Fox Valley and Critter Valley. Fox Valley was the HQ all would land in and have information on what was what, and Critter Valley was residential.

Currently all 42 regions are being ran on a quad-core 16gb ram instance hosted by Microsoft Azure. Each regions description lists when the region was online and why it was taken offline. The regions will always remain free from the parcels to items being offered, and will remain in OsGrid for as long as OsGrid is around(a lesson I've had to learn the hard way twice). The only currency if you will is the paypal donation button on this site. As fun as Microsoft Azure is, it doesn't come cheap. Donations from that button help keep projects like this one online. If for any reason goals can not be met, the regions will be closed and Fox Valley will be hosted as a single region on my pc until goals can be reached.

The regions are always under construction but open to visitors 24/7. I'll post news as they happen as I have with previous projects. I thank everyone for reading and visiting, it makes me proud that I can do something positive for my fandom.


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Ok then. I've secured money to take us out past October. The kiosk will remain in case anyone else is feeling generous and the valleys will always remain free and open to anyone who wants land(I try to cater to everyone).
8 days ago - 0 comments
Well folks that time has come and i'm not sure what the future of the valleys hold anymore. My Azure trial is up on the 25th and any remaining credit will be used towards my bill. I didn't want to have to, but I put a paypal terminal in the hub(it's a simple click to load external url, and the donation button here does the same thing anyhow). Operating costs will cost me roughly $80/mo and I have about a month after the trial is over to raise it. Anything extra that's donated will go to OSGrid a...
8 days ago - 0 comments