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At Local Colors our focus is on good music and lots of fun. We specialize in classic rock, but also have feature County, DoWop, Oidies, and Romantic tunes.

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Very entertaining Atmosphere, extremely humorous surroundings with a mix of impressive scenery to explore and enjoy stores and and many other interesting finds...the sound quality is good...open all day and night no restrictions on when you can land use the club...very informative on the dates and t...

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midnightrain 19 days ago
I agree with feeling at home, most people are kind, Calnia is one of the nicest people... hugs
Calnia 17 days ago
Thank you for the kind words, Rain!
Andy_Wilder 1 months ago
Hi, i visit last the Sim , here in OpensimWorld as Moderate , on the Sim in General incorrectly set.
loading the objects of sim: Note 4-5 . Avatars all in parts !
Due to previous events in Inworldz with people from the same club, I never felt well!
Some should soften your views a bit.
For me that has done so. have fun, but without me !!
Kind Regards Andy Wilder
Calnia 1 months ago
Thank you for your comments, Andy. Please note that the ownership of the club changed over to me in June 2018. I appreciate you pointing out that the region is incorrectly rated. That will be corrected right away. All the best to you, Calnia
steviedeannz 1 months ago
based on local chat when I visited with a friend, this may not be the most inclusive place on the grid...I could be wrong...but was enough to make me think twice about visiting again....was a nice place though and the tunes were good...but I don't have time to figure out the culture...first impressions is all u get on the hyper grid. :(
Calnia 1 months ago
As the owner of Local Colors, I want to extend my personal apologies if you did not feel welcomed at Local Colors. It is my goal to make sure everyone feels comfortable. I hope you will give us a try again.
RayBan411 2 months ago
Great people, Calnia is very sincere in wanting to make sure everyone is taken care of and have a great time, Arathorn is genuinely enjoyable to listen to with his outstanding knowledge of music and his fun events..All the DJ's show you a great time and the atmosphere is spellbinding. I have worked and been in alot of clubs but local colors is by far the one place I call home....Raymond*
kittylove150 2 months ago
The best people in the world. They take you in and make you feel like family.
DivaDivine 2 months ago
Great djs, great people and a laid back atmosphere. Where friends are family. My fav place to go!

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DJ Cheryl Foxx @ Local Colors, 4-6pm
26 Sep 2018 02:00 pm SLT
Are you looking for some GREAT tunes and fun company? You found it! DJ Cheryl will be spinning some of her favorite tunes for your listening pleasure. Come join the LoCo gang for a crazy good time!
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DJ Tony Foxx @ Local Colors, 6-8pm
26 Sep 2018 04:00 pm SLT
LOCAL COLORS welcomes DJ Tony Foxx, live from New York! Tony will be spinning a mixed genre, including requests and dedications. Tell Tony what kind of music YOU want to hear! Bring your dancing shoes...
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DJ Arathorn @ Local Colors, 6-8pm
27 Sep 2018 04:00 pm SLT
Kick the dogs off the porch, pull up a chair, pour yourself a beverage and get ready for DJ Arathorn!! Arathorn hails from somewhere in the backwoods of Alabama. He always provides tidbits of musical...
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DJ Phoenix Enigma @ Local Colors, 4-6pm
28 Sep 2018 02:00 pm SLT
Tonight DJ Phoenix fills for Trynatie. Phoenix's set tonight will be dedicated to performers who hail from Canada! You won't want to miss this special set. As always, special requests and dedications...
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DJ Daniel Carrigan @ Local Colors BALLROOM, 4-6pm
30 Sep 2018 02:00 pm SLT
DJ Daniel is back with one of his famous Big Band Bash sets at the Local Colors Ballroom! So get out those zoot suits, spats, and flapper dresses and get ready to swing to some jazzy tunes!
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Here is the link to a short video of our Aretha Franklin tribute tonight. Thank you to Lite House for giving permission to share this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/07e2gla8foj56xq/DiscoveryGrid.wmv?dl=0
1 months ago - 0 comments
We're still in the process of setting up the region. Soon to be re-opened is our famous ballroom! Also, if you are a Discovery Grid resident, you can set 'home' on the Local Colors region by wearing your **LoCo** tag. Need a house? We can arrange that too. Just contact Calnia Westland for details!
2 months ago - 0 comments
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