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See this worlds website: https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com
Mountainous 64 sims world, with lots of open sea. For Satyr farming players, TP is at the landing place. This world is made especially for sailing and sailing battles. Nature , fishing, hiking, old villages , role-play. Ships for sailors available in rezzers to try out. Free houses available. Check out: https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com/come-live-with-us/

New typical Dutch fishermen's village. Zaanse Schans. How to get there: TP tp to Tessin, chose Ratsdam teleport door at the landing point and take your water taxi to the south border of the sim.

Al hands on deck

Want to know more about ongoing RP on Tessin? You can read it all here !https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com/whats-happening-right-n...

Port Celyddon, created by Melanie Auxifur

Lovely Autumn landscape at Ravensteijn , Tessin, made by Cata Raven

Tessin is always online now. 64 sims with 4 different communities, with each their own RP theme. Never a dull moment! Visit the sailing battles!

For new OS/ Kitely visitors who are looking for free homes;

Proud to launch another well scripted ship: the Sea Eagle frigate.https://www.kitely.com/market/product/61399680/Sea-Eagle-S...

Sailing battle
Where: Tessin
When: 3 months ago [23 Jul 2021 21:00 SLT]

Sailing battle with classical sailing ships ( SPD) noon 12.00 AM viewer time. Mid class ships. More information about the battles: : https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com

New city on Tessin: Ratsdam! For all who search free space to set up a shop: 14 lovely little shops in the Dutch 18 th century themed city ( looks like Amsterdam). Also free channel houses , pubs, restaurants, merry go round and city park. You will love the atmosphere.
Tessin upgraded to a 8x8 VAR ! Also we have some communities who joined by building sims on our world : Celyddon Harbour ( owners Melanie Auxifur and Ballyrae Hanley) Black Sails ( owner Scurvy Ragu ) , and RavenSteijn ( owner Cata Raven ) Also great news is that we can provide the Kitely sailing community SPD scripted ships. Available in Kitely marketplace.
Halloween party With DJ Melanie Auxifur
Where: Tessin
When: 12 months ago [31 Oct 2020 13:00 SLT]

Today we will have a great music event in Tessin Kitely . Dress up for Halloween , of come as you are , and enjoy the magical atmosphere in Tessin 's horror theatre.

Halloween adventure: rescue the smuggler!
Where: Tessin
When: 1 years ago [18 Oct 2020 13:00 SLT]

A terrible kidnapping has taken place at Tessin: Cata Raven's smugglers ship is overtaken by vicious and terrifying pirate- zombies ! They stole her cargo and locked her into a dark castle! Its your task to find her. But please be cautious for the attackers and other creepy creatures you will find on your path. When landing at Tessin's landing point, click the Halloween VIP teleporter sign ( Very Important Prey :D ) and you will find instructions near the castle ( click the same sign again ). You will receive a meter and a great working flintlock pistol ( with many thanks to captain Okwaho Euler ) to defend yourself. Happy hunting! ( this event will be ongoing from now until Halloween) .

A new ship to try out : Duyfken. A replica of the 1610 built Dutch VOC ship that reached Australia's shores for the first time . This ship is scripted with wonderful navigation tools and is available in a rezzer for guests to try out and explore the sims by sea. Take your friends , shoot the cannons and sink ships! Use teleporter at landing point to get there.
Sailing race at Tessin Kitely
Where: Tessin
When: 1 years ago [6 Jun 2020 13:00 SLT]

Saturday 6 th of june at 1 PM we are organizing a sailing race at Tessin in Kitely. Ships available in rezzers. No need to have any experience! We are sailing the Kayaker Magic scripted classical ships called " Statenjacht " . Captains need to pass 8 gates , with time sensors and the winning time will be on a website! Shooting ships underway is allowed as well, sink the captain thats faster then you! Its just a fun event. You can also come to be a passenger only. Sailing instructions and more information he

New ship at Kitely marketplace, export so you can sail on ( almost ) all grids.https://www.kitely.com/market/product/48908739/Sea-Eagle-s...

Sailing race @ Tessin
Where: Tessin
When: 3 years ago [19 Jan 2019 22:30 SLT]

Ships provided in rezzers. At the landing point you find TP to the docks. Competition results are showed here: http://magic.kayaker.net/racer/status.php?rid=247

Sailing tutorial for new ones: https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com/sailing/

Sailors, we have opened a race track and running a competition. Everyone can join. Ships available in rezzers. Sailing tutorial: https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com/sailing/. Watch the competition results here :http://magic.kayaker.net/racer/status.php?rid=247
Sailing race 2 PM
Where: Tessin
When: 3 years ago [13 Dec 2018 14:00 SLT]

At Tessin we have set up a sailing race. Ships available in rezzers, no need to buy one to participate! TP to Tessin landing point, on the info stand you will see the sign " SAIL STATENJACHT UTRECHT" , this will teleport you to the docks. ON the docks all info needed to learn how it works. Watch the next video for impression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzlqwA7aJZE

For Konk players, we have set up the treasure hunt chests. Wear your combat hud and TP to this place :

Opening the chest will bring many prices and coins in your hud, even weapons .. and rare collectables. Your name will be on the ranking board the the one who opened the most chests will get a price. Good luck hunting
For combat lovers : our sims have Konk warriors ( NPC's at 4 different levels ) to battle with! Of course we provide the combat huds and good information for people who are new to this wonderful system. NEW : we also have a trading stand for people to pay with RP coins to buy weapons and huds. Enjoy .
We will soon put the trading and crafting system as well.
For the ones who like to sail we have Bwind scripted little ships available ( free) at the info stands. Pretty good smooth script! Its possible to rezz everywhere at the 16 region area. Enjoy exploring the coast lines and moor at the villages!
For new ones we made a shop with all whats needed to get started. From medieval RP costumes till old scool clothes to the newest mesh avatars and modern attires.
Fishing contest (full week, ending Sunday )
Where: Tessin
When: 3 years ago [3 Jul 2018 12:16 SLT]

Come to the docks, get your rod, catch 20 fish! There is a gold, silver and bronze trophy for the winners of the biggest fishes. Winners get a price in Kitely Currency. Whats to win , you can see on the fish pot ( sack). Visitors drop tips in that pot , so the winning price grows during the contest. All info can be found at the location. Enjoy :). hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Tessin/109/257/22

We are running a weekly fishing contest , lasting 24 hours, and a possibility to win some KC ( Kitely currency) .

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SamaraBop Enough can not be said for how amazing this region is, the level of detail is absolutely astounding there are paths galore, and every item on this region has been placed into arrangement that shows the creator(s) have an eye for beauty. There is ample sailing, along with spots to moor your boat nea...
Luna Lunaria What a beautiful region!
Frank Hurt Tessin is more than just a sim; it's an experience! The sim's creator obviously loves her details, as she's added so many beautiful zones ranging from forests to a massive library to individual islands and beaches. The village is my favorite, however, with thoughtful elements in the tavern and shop...

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Trouble Ahead 3 years ago
We are running a sailing race ! Watch video to see more:


For who s interested to participate , keep watching the events calendar. Its possible to practice sailing as well, there are ships available in rezzer.