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See this worlds website: https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com
Mountainous 16 sims world, with lots of open sea. For Satyr farming players, TP is at the landing place. This world is made especially for sailing and sailing battles. Nature , fishing, hiking, old villages , role-play. Ships for sailors available in rezzers to participate in a race ( can be done any time, we have a competition running) To see how it works .. watch this video and read the text added. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzlqwA...

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New ship at Kitely marketplace, export so you can sail on ( almost ) all grids.https://www.kitely.com/market/product/48908739/Sea-Eagle-sailing-ship
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Sailors, we have opened a race track and running a competition. Everyone can join. Ships available in rezzers. Sailing tutorial: https://tessinkitely.wordpress.com/sailing/. Watch the competition results here :http://magic.kayaker.net/racer/status.php?rid=247
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For Konk players, we have set up the treasure hunt chests. Wear your combat hud and TP to this place : hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Tessin/706/669/26 Opening the chest will bring many prices and coins in your hud, even weapons .. and rare collectables. Your name will be on the ranking board the ...
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For combat lovers : our sims have Konk warriors ( NPC's at 4 different levels ) to battle with! Of course we provide the combat huds and good information for people who are new to this wonderful system. NEW : we also have a trading stand for people to pay with RP coins to buy weapons and huds. Enjoy...
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DollyDot 4 months
A very beautiful region. So much to see. A must see for all! Oh I tried one of the sailing ships, but sailing in rl is easier. I certainly need practice with this one:)
Trouble 1 years
We are running a sailing race ! Watch video to see more:


For who s interested to participate , keep watching the events calendar. Its possible to practice sailing as well, there are ships available in rezzer.

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What a fabulously creative and skillfully executed build! Great opportunity for those who are into pirates. Or sailors. Or pirates and sailors. If you are looking for good RP in OS, this is the place for you!
The details of this region is just impeccable. From the pathways, to the worn wagon wheel tracks through the meadows. I love the details here, this reminds me of the early days of SL when you venture out and discover a place where you lose track of time, a place that you find yourself wanting to r...
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