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H20 Club
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We have a variety of DJ Styles and live singers and events here run through Tuesday to Thursday.
Elsewhere in Tranquility events are held at the Tranquility Events on Sundays and Mondays until the new ballroom opens up.
Check our tutorial videos at:

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dragonfist.osgrid 22 days ago
This is a fun place to be, great people and great tunes! Friendly staff! What more could you ask for?
AngelCasanova 22 days ago
DJ ANTOINETTE is Live At H20 right now!! ^..^ Yay!! LOve this place! Always friendly and great people to be around!!
Keoni 4 months ago
Love the look and all the people on Tranquility grid as well as all visitors:)
J.Janeway 4 months ago
The New re-build of H2O add both style and class to an amazing club, brining it up to a whole new level to enjoy and have fun at!! totally amazing build that must of taken hours of time :) it is worth not only checking out, but worth going along to the events, great place to hang out and have fun at :)
Nancy 4 months ago
Best Club around the opensims staff is so friendly no drama. Love the music here.
OttovonOtter 6 months ago
This is the place where people confess to the most weird things like adoring the spice girls or sleeping with relatives or even having attended a high school. You shouldn't miss it.
Keoni 4 months ago
KatieKay 4 months ago
Aquarius 11 months ago
Amazing Open Concept Club plus Island where you can hand out, play Greedy at one of the best Greedy Tables I have played at! New lighting features Great Dj's and Live Singers!
J.Janeway 11 months ago
Really fun Club, really well designed, look forward to the fun to come :)

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DJ Keoni, H20 Club, Tranquility Grid
21 May 2019 04:00 pm SLT
DJ Keoni Darkstar is a fun and friendly awesome Dj come enjoy with us. Since hypergrid members can win Gloebits Contest themes will now be added here. Today's is: Yellow and Green together. Be in t...
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DJ Gertie, H20 Club, Tranquility Grid
22 May 2019 04:00 pm SLT
DJ Gertie, has a very unique take on tunes. She likes to find variations of the same stuff and a lot of times it seems like new music! Since hypergrid members can win Gloebits Contest themes will now...
0 likes - 0 comments
DJ Chris, H20 Club, Tranquility Grid
23 May 2019 04:00 pm SLT
DJ Chris Tranquility is a great DJ. Pretty cool when the grid owner himself likes to party down with his members! Since hypergrid members can win Gloebits Contest themes will now be added here. Toda...
0 likes - 0 comments
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