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Sacrarium grid
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Free land for residents of the Sacrarium grid!

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Dear friends! OSgrid closes access to Sacrarium for own users. Please use another way for connect to Sacrarium. Be well!
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SusannaValeska 4 months ago
If this is an "open sim," why are others not allowed to go there???
IntrepidBoudica 3 months ago
Hi Susana, I have no idea from what grid you come from but this happens all the time with currency grids and they do this to all Opensim newbies, they sell you hypergrid, and then they give you half hypergrid and you end living in a colony with no access to free top content, this is only because the less you get free the more you will buy, the best way to bypass these stupid bans is to create a new free alt account in sacrarium grid then you take all to another grid and then send it to you main one :-) Next time be sure to chose a FULL HYPERGRID GRID ;)
1ChristyBendan 7 months ago
This grid is top notch in content and design . Thank you .

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I was able to talk to the grid owner WhiteAngel Deed. He was very friendly and told me how to obtain free land. He was very generous with free items too. All you have to do is send an IM to the region owner. He will get back to you!
It's a beautiful place, although I think there may have been a language breakdown, unfortunately. There were no rental boxes, and no instructions on how one might be able to lease a parcel. Not a very warm welcome. Slow Rezzing, and laggy.
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