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Foundation Grid
Designed for superior performance .. the grid where other "grid owners" come for content !!

Foundation Grid is not suitable for Underage Avatars - No child avatars or child presenting are tolerated and those avatars will be kicked and banned on site

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OmegaT 1 months
clubs very good made, all well organized a must visit !!!
DJ Edison is Rockin the Slippery Mermaid! for the next 2 hrs.
Merllin 3 months
Thank you freebies stuff
1ChristyBendan 12 months
I love to hang out on Foundation. Friendly creative people, lot's of fun, and regular activities for the social. My favorite grid in the meta verse.
JessieCampbell 2 years gotta try it...for no other reason than...oopsie...oni...

Come on..who doesn't know this weirdo that does it all ??

I find the people really friendly.

I love the group feeling and how every one helps each other.

I do like to eat hot dogs.

With mustard.

And chips.

And gee....Im getting hungry.

Get your dogs at Foundation !!

After 3 days it's still fast and fun, and I am meeting so many nice people! :)
Kelley_Adams 2 years
Went there with my friend, Talke with Oni.. what a hoot! This place is alive!!!
oklahomasocial 2 years
Happily now owning three super fast regions here at Foundation Grid.
Just wandered over .. defiantly zippy
goonie 2 years
cool, found super nice people ;))))
oopsee 2 years
Foundation Grid ... only the best of the best !!!
It's a great new high-performing grid and I met lots of new people there. Give it a look and you will be glad you did!

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I heard they were going to open! But I never expected so many regions in just one day. OMG.. and free stuff too!
Foundation Grid lives up to their promise of WOWOW performance - love it
I'm very happy to see Adachi on the new grid! Everything is very cool here! So much good content! Unfortunately, the old version of Opensim is used here. This is not very convenient. But I hope this will be fixed soon too. Now Adachi is again available for everyone! YAY! Great work, Oopsee!
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