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Welcome to all The Golden River, where you can find fabulous shops, man and woman, beautiful landscapes where you can spend a pleasant time and a fabulous nightclub, you are invited to visit us and enjoy this region

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the golden river ---> is Open !! ^_^
4 months - 0 comments
the golden river ---> is closed for a few days !
4 months - 0 comments
10 months - 1 comments
10 months - 0 comments

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Merllin 1 months
Thank you very much freebies
Whippin 3 months
How do you get to the furniture stores?
Mara 3 months
Hello, if you belong to Osgrid, you can't reach it, I'm sorry :(
if you are from another grid with this address: Furniture River
Krystal 3 months
Hi Whippin, if this is the one from OS Grid, I am not sure you can?
RachelRose 3 months
Thank you so much for being so nice ♥
Beautiful place, beautiful items and beautiful kind people ♥
Mara 3 months
Gracias Rachel :)
ehson 8 months
hi, im interested in the grid stats and visitor boards and sim status etc, I tried but was no copy where would I find these thing?
samu 7 months
contact me and I will help you !!
Wykd1 1 years
Cannot Port There says Region Not Found
AllaaOkoda 1 years
The problem is that our grid supports FirestormOS-Release-5-0-1-52150
and people do not understand this and come with the version of Firestorm-Releasex64
thereby bringing a lot of mistakes!!!!
WhiteAngelDeed 1 years
You are absolutely right thereby damaging the server
KatieKay 1 years
It keeps telling me No regions found with that name. I wanna cry .. please fix it
samu 1 years
send your name please !
Mara 1 years
mandame im y yo te ayudare a llegar no se por que no te deja venir
Katie you will cry of happyness the day you open a new account in sacrarium grid to try freedom, and to take all you ever dream 100% FREE!!! lol!!!
WhiteAngelDeed 1 years
Hi What kind of grid do you use?
KrypticKayos 1 years
5 stars for this location. Thanks to Mara and Dj. Great items , lots of friendly , genuine help. Easy to get around and nice clean set up, with tons of great items as well. So, good on top of good. Must visit type of location.
LuckySeven 1 years
The new Golden River is stunning (!) and it is the one place where you can find exquisite furry avatars ^^ Gotto love it :)))
Landrush 1 years
i give up still saying im banned have no idea why im using the new land mark too oh well i tried
Mara 1 years
hello I do not know what's going on, everyone can enter, I do not know what can be what prevents you from entering
Landrush 1 years
i even joined scarium and cant get there i dont get it keeps telling me it doesnt exist
Landrush 1 years
it still says im banned
Landrush 1 years
i have been trying to go there and it says ive been banned from region how can that be bee never been there before:(
Mara 1 years
it is impossible that it is forbidden, and the region is open ... I do not know what can happen, use the new milestone, since the previous one does not have land.If you can not enter IM orders yet and we will see what happens
samu 1 years
Hi, you're not banned, it's just closed for maintenance, sorry
AnnieMoore 1 years
oh I can't wait to get back to see it!
Julie 1 years
Hi have been to your region before but now its saying I am banned, is there a reason?
scanners 1 years
You accuse ME of stealing? Really funny. You even copied your stuff from SL. Your double standard pisses me off. Cu in Neustadt
Mara 1 years
Do not you know who I am in SL to tell me to steal there or your magic ball tells you? Let me doubt, and stealing is stealing, being Jana person and begin to be humble at once and not take things, but ask for them, life will smile more, because you realize that you have many enemies caused mainly by your bad education. Leave the childish
PurrfecttKatt 1 years
This is an awesome place, very nice things here, I enjoyed the visit!!
victorialogan 2 years
me encanto, la calidad de los artículos, y la excelente decoracion de los ambientes
TyphaineArtez 2 years
Thank you! That's bringing opensim to a new era, the era of quality! Love the shop buildings and how it's setup. That makes me wanting to window shopping ^^
Mara 2 years
thank you all from the heart..... do not miss the new articles
Simona 2 years
A great store with lots of new and great quality!
samu 2 years
thanks to all! a big hug
oopsee 2 years
Found some new not seen items whoooo hooooo !!!

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