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A Region full of prim build Houses, Castle, lots of Freebies, Tiki Area, Statues, and so the list goes on, come visit us and be amazed

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johnboy 1 years
Okay people, snoodle world is now back online albeit with a total new set up for opensim which means all the likes and comments have now gone :-( so if you visit then would you PLEASE click 'like' so I can try and get some of my likes back again.
johnboy 1 years
Just so people know, the site shown is NOT the region MONIKA but the site of SNOODLE WORLD. I am not sure why that region is showing my site, or how it has buggered up my Beacon? but now my Beacon does not work and my region has been taken over by an unknown person by the looks of it? If you would like to visit snoodle world then just contact me and I will be happy to send you an Lm until all this mess is sorted out.
JimmyOlsen 1 years
It happened to me once. Just because a long time ago i have grabbed a copy of it at a sim in another grid (it was set to anyone to copy). and then, i rezed it at my sim but forgot to remove this permission. U get all fixed if u generate a new beacon key at OS site though.
johnboy 1 years
The beacon has been there for months and working fine until now, I deleted it, rezzed a new beacon, put in a new key but all I get is a message above the beacon saying "Disabled" Hopefully Opensim can sort it out ???
VictorDeAngelo 2 years
Mega-kudos to the owner of this very well done and much appreciated sim for keeping the spirit of FREE OpenSims alive and well....a definite must see! Great job!

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