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Caprica is the new spirit of absolute freedom in OpenSim. 100% loyal administration, REAL hospitality guarantee you a REALLY conflict-free stay in our space without a single drama or ambiguity. We introduce a completely new vision of how virtual reality should look like.
We came. We are here. Welcome to share with us the joy of perfection.

Caprica Hypergrid website: |
Caprica Design market:

Facebook page:

Please note our simple rule:
children avatars is strictly prohibited.
Avatars from "sacrarium grid" "cyber-face" and "kohaku grid" is prohibited on Caprica and in all "Caprica family" and "Caprica Underground Mafia group" regions. This grids is blocked at the network level due to numerous violations of ethical standards.

Region age restrictions - 18+ ONLY.

Photos & Posts
Caprican morning
CAPRICA djay LIVE set right now on TDR!
CAPRICA Djay LIVE on TDR Oct 11 21:00 UTC House, Latin House
Tech House LIVE set Links and contacts: https://hearthi...

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molto bello complimenti,ci sono sempre tante novità
Touche 2 months
Touche 2 months
01:00 - 02:00 GMT. Sheduled Grid maintenance.
Touche 2 months
06:30-08:00 GMT. Grid maintenance time.
Touche 6 months
Spam and comments that I personally do not like - will be deleted. This is my personal prerogative.
Caprica 6 months
Hello friends. My region Caprica Sacrarium online. I do not know why it was turned off and what happened, I would like to get an answer to this. It's good that everything returned to normal. The region Caprica Sacrarium is available to visit, welcome.
Touche 6 months
Caprica grid now closed for maintenance. We will back soon shortly!
Caprica 6 months
Hello friends. Today I returned from a trip and learned the sad news. The administration of Sacrarium blocked my region Caprica Sacrarium Grid. I do not understand the reasons for such an act. I apologize to all who posted their content on the Caprica Sacrarium and lost access to their objects. It really upset me, I really hope that I will clarify this situation.
lllMoon 6 months
Are you latin or black? They hate non-white humans.
AllaaOkoda 6 months
lllMoon ебнутая ты и некто некого не блокировал бред
Touche 6 months
Please refrain from insulting people on our grid page.
Caprica 6 months
I have not heard of this. But this does not apply to me, I am a white Russian woman.
TyphaineArtez 6 months
I am bored and amused when I see that kind of comment, as well as so early deduction of action from others without any evidence.
1) If the region is not available, maybe that's because there was a problem (it seems so and has been fixed), not that the admin blocked in purpose. Why people do post bombs on social network?
2) to lllMoon: that's the most stupid thing I have ever heard, Sacrarium owners are not racist, they just hate dumbass people. But it's worthless trying to argue, so I wont try...
Katrina1986 8 months
I am falling in love with this region. <3 <3 It's got all you need and so much more.
Touche 6 months
Thank you so much for this comment, Katrina! This is very pleasure for us.
bebe 10 months
what a nice surprise this place is :)
thank you so much
Caprica 10 months
Thank you very much. We are very pleased. Enjoy!

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you must come and enjoy shopping :)
One of the best I've been to.
Awesome Grid!
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