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Othello Gay Resort has moved into a LAVA CAVERN and sports an ALL MALE - Leather Theme! We use the latest PMAC powered appliances with thousands of quality animations to enjoy throughout the region, many of our furnishings are made in-house and cannot be found anywhere else. We have several scenarios catered to the LGBTQ+ community. Be sure to READ the RULES at the landing point. The vendor contains instructions on operating our amusements and controlling the NPCs. Many thanks to Satyr Aeon (Priape) and Greybox Darkward (Vesperport) for their contributions to this project.

ALL OF OUR REGIONS ARE PROTECTED BY "CHILD GATE". Any avatar possessing child-like attributes are automatically ejected.

Othello Gay Resort is RESOURCE HEAVY and requires a modern GAMING machine with optimal driver configurations. You WILL experience lag on substandard equipment. Your only remedies are to remove heavily scripted attachments, lower your view distance/graphic settings, empty your hypergrid suitcase before visiting this simulator OR UPGRADE YOUR COMPUTER.

If you are unable to connect, try again later. Every attempt is made to keep our simulator operational at all times but there is one variable we all must contend with... Opensimulator software is EXPERIMENTAL, issues can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

If you are unable to access my region from certain hypergrid destinations, please obtain a FREE OSgrid avatar to see this world. OSGrid denies entry to grids known for malicious and/or illegal activities. There is nothing I can do to remedy this. Opensim is FREE - Servers and Resources ARE NOT - Grid Operators and Content Creators need your support!

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JonSun If you've never been here before....you're in for one great experience.......so many things to do with so many NPCs! If you have been here before....you've got to visit again as the new additions are just incredible. Want to have sex on a rollercoaster? See the Village People perform in a drag show?...
Brettson Npcs rule in this region and they have all gone mad! I love what you have done with your characters, the skits are as campy as it can possibly get!

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Adam 2 years ago
hi SpaxOrion
Hope ya well , sorry not been around for a long time, but will try and make more shows on OSgrid, BTW all this is one of the best Gay clubs on the os grid , go take a look and you can have adult fun with all the NPC SpaxOrion has created Great place to dance and hang out ;)
Gazza Dezno 3 years ago
a fab region with npc's to enjoy hehe :P
Thorgy Thor 3 years ago
So naughty!
MrMan 3 years ago
Love the place. Great interaction with the NPCs. Must visit. I'll be back.