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1 years ago

Wir sind noch an der Region am arbeiten,wollen sie euch aber nicht vorendhalten. :-))

We are still working on the region, but we do not want to hold it up. :-))

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SpaxOrion 1 years ago
I would love to visit but cannot connect. I have made several attempts to enter using various means. Are the necessary ports open so that people can connect to your sim?
ChrisiPain 1 years ago
yes everything is ok. Our regions are all located on servers located in the data center.
Brettson 1 years ago
telelport failed: Connection between viewer and destination region could not be established. I am on osgrid.
ChrisiPain 1 years ago
there should be little trouble should everything be OK now
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
I suggest you put the description in english, much more international than german :)
ChrisiPain 1 years ago
Thanks, I did
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
Anyway, it looks promising, you succeed in putting a certain atmosphere, which is essential to that kind of place. I look forward seeing it again in a few :)
mikehart 1 years ago
Nice place, but it need finishing with some interaction.
ChrisiPain 1 years ago
Yes, that's what we'll take care of, as I said, the region is still under construction.

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