i advertised only animesh kids on opensim and many came to get them indeed there is a lot of people every day so i don't understand why you write these lies

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Debra Ann Congi
You have nice stuff but I was just told if I'm not a resident I cannot visit any of your grids. When I try to I am booted to an empty mountain region. This is unfair. You advertise here on open sim for freebies but boot people when they land????? I have 2 sims and people from your region have visited and I do not boot. I do not understand your rational.

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Megan Cline
very nice place to visit

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MidnightRain Glas
Love, Love this Country/ grid, These people are the nicest people and love to talk... I don't understand them but I sure love to listen to them talk in voice and sing... they sure have a great spirit..and I feel more joy when I leave them to go home....hugs from me to all of you

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