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Welcome to Nowhere!

This is a fictional town called Nowhere, Saskatchewan. People always talk about driving in the middle of Nowhere in guess what? I made it!

It's not much, just a motel and cafe with a gas station and some farmland behind. Prairie Moon Cafe is the place to be most days. If you wander through the area you'll meet some locals and visitors alike. They could have something to tell you, or you might overhear something juicy.

For a little place, there's lots to do:)

There are both individual and group conversations set up now and then. When it is a group conversation, I have numbered the order of the speakers so it makes the most sense.

As of October 2018, Prairie Moon will be frozen in time in the season of Autumn. I don't have tons of time to switch trees around these days and autumn is my favourite. So there ya go.

Autumn, prairie, rural, freebies, Canada, role play, cafe, farm

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iHope 11 months
A small but very cute region build, especially when it's on the Fall/Autumn season. I love that season; the air, the smells, everything about it. Thank you for sharing us your lovely town. :)
GenieFegte 12 months
a wonderful quit place. I wish I could live in such a place
Definitely worth a visit!
Marianna 2 years
Excellent time at Nowhere! So many great conversations to share while there, Great job Anna!
annawright 2 years
Thank you kindly:)

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