Beach Party - Dj Ariana
Where: ZETRA
When: 1 month ago [24 May 2020 13:00 SLT]

ZETRA ISLAND - the best vacation !!!
Take a taxi and hypergrid for Chilly's "Beach Party"
on deck-DJ Arianna.
Bartenders in action offers the best tropical cocktails
24 May - 13 : 00 SLT - 22 : 00 time Italy
@sacrarium events "party certified"
sacrarium24.ru:8002: ZETRA

Extreme Heat Wave
Where: ZETRA
When: 6 months ago [18 Jan 2020 13:00 SLT]

"Extreme Heat Wave" Hits Europe and Smashes Records

ZETRA ISLAND is the best getaway !!!

Take your taxi and hypergrid for a chilly "Bikini Sunrise" party

DJ Arianna on the decks spinning jams and the ocean is in view as the sun goes down

Bartenders in action are offering the best tropical coctails

Saturday 18 January - 13:00 SLT

Come as you are on Zetra 1pm
Where: ZETRA
When: 2 years ago [26 Apr 2018 13:00 SLT]

Thursday 04-26 at 1pm grid time
Impromptu party with Dj Anna and her great tunes
Let's have fun all together!

Party Crazy on Zetra 19.04 1pm
Where: ZETRA
When: 2 years ago [19 Apr 2018 13:00 SLT]

Thursday 04-19 at 1pm SLT party crazy in region Zetra
Dj Anna good music, come as you want, even without clothes
Let's have fun and make new friends!

Topless party
Where: ZETRA
When: 2 years ago [25 Feb 2018 13:00 SLT]

Party in Zetra, our delicious Sunday.
Topless or naked, optional.

Listen great tunes by Dj Anna, Sun 02-25 1pm SLT,
Come make new friends and bring yours!