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Tropical island with nude beach, surfer spot, romantic spots, and the Nakid Club. [Under construction]

Open to all genders, all styles, all specimen, as long as they are nice. Nude does not mean free meat, don't be an asshole!

"Feel free, be naked"

Adult Region: as the tag implies, no child avatar there (no need to argue you are adult RL).

Photos & Posts
Impromptu little party at the Nakid Club with Caprica and Cool :)
24 days ago - 0 comments
3 months ago - 0 comments
After a long time out of virtual worlds, I come back (slowly), and will work on the island again. When I left, I was working on a brand new one. It's still not finished, but I wanted to bring it up, so come see how it looks :)
3 months ago - 0 comments
Hawaii Party Cancelled on Zetra Sorry all, we can't make it :( Party on Zetra on 3rd May is cancelled.
12 months ago - 0 comments

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Mav18 10 months ago
This is wonderful.........I need a parcel.......lol
TyphaineArtez 10 months ago
Hi Mav. For now, I don't consider offering lots for resiential usage.

That's something I have considered. But first for now the region is in a big reconstruction (I rebuild all from my simple region to a 4x4 var), and I don't have time for now to manage additional work with "residents" islands.

Second, if I would go in that way, I would put very strict rules about what to do on parcels. I am not a dictator, but think first of my global project.

Thank you for the lovely comment anyway :)
Carla 1 years ago
A wonderful Sim. TyphaineArtez is very friendly and helpful ♥
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
Thank you Carla. I hope to see you around again ^^
JeTammie 1 years ago
I love it here! Can't wait for all the new learning tools...good job
Fanny 1 years ago
wonderful region ;)
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
Thank you Fanny :) Come back often and enjoy the tranquility of the island!
CristWhite 1 years ago
Delightfully :)
bradsunset@gmail.com 1 years ago
i tried to get there but it says...dont exists anymore:-(
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
I got reported HG users had problems coming to sacrarium lately.

At the time you wrote, it was there, and I got visitors later in the day. Try again.
bettyfl 1 years ago
One of the best tropical island destinations and getting better continuously.
Typhaine is a great host and great teacher when is coming to all this engineering behind the fun !!
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
Thank you for the kind comments :)
iekocatnap 1 years ago
very nice land !
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
Thank you Ieko :)
WhiteAngelDeed 1 years ago
Awesome region! Very good for rest and photosessions.
AlmaMiranda 1 years ago
Work in progress but looking good already :) TyphaineArtez a great hostess too!
TyphaineArtez 1 years ago
Thank you for your kind comment Alma :)

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One of the most relaxing and beautiful regions i have ever been to, the region owner is very friendly and helpful and is a talented creator. definitely worth visiting this region.
Thank you for you Top hard work Typhaine!
Nice SIM :) So tropical looking, forgot to take my coat out i was sweating ehehh
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