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Come check out the new Keng City Grid. Looking for a place with a different flavor and feel to it. We offer a cityscape with a vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else in OpenSim. Shop, hang out with friends or get your groove on, I guarantee Keng City has the perfect spot. We offer stores, clubs, penthouses and FREE SHOPS for merchants. Keng City, we have something to satisfy your virtual needs.

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Andy_Wilder 11 days ago
I need to revise my post.
having your own grid is not always successful.
A group of 5 people celebrate themselves . . a two new DJ´s every now and then but are quickly gone again.
mediocre life singers trying their luck ...
and at the end like today also still no DJ "only" radio as music how far you still want to sink ...
sorry guys but that was it for me with you .. wake up fast otherwise the wake up will be worse later . only an honest opinion from me ... Andy Wilder
AntoinnetteKeng 9 days ago
Andy I am sorry you feel this way. When you came the last time and there was a group of 5 of us dancing to the radio it is because our dj set had ended but not everyone was ready to go. You asked were we dancing to the radio and I was the one who answered you but if you had stayed a moment longer and given me a chance I could have told you the reason. We have enjoyed having you visit us and truly hope you find the virtual experiences you seek... Antoinnette K.
Thyme 11 days ago
You need to revise your post one more time, but I got you, don't worry.
1. All these grids are created and ran by people whom have servers coming out of their living rooms, garages, bedrooms, etc. They're not professional game owners or developers and not one grid is more successful than the next. However, Nubian Keng CAN say he successfully created a grid as... there is a grid created, by Mr Nubian Keng. So let's scratch that right off your list. Yeah?

2. All you need is 3 people to create a crowd. All I need is one good person, who is fun and open-minded to have a ball. That they have 5 is four more than what I ask for and still plenty enough to start the foundation of black community grid... in a system where there are few of us, most of which hide behind white avis to fit in with general crowds and cliques.

3. As for DJs, I can't say Keng City's ever had any complaints. They bring in good people who bring in good music. I only stopped DJing there because of real life problems that have kept me away from opensim altogether. Not because I don't like DJing there.

4. Every single singer who sings in Opensim is average. If they weren't average, they wouldn't be singing for people in a system like opensim. If they were anything beyond, they'd have been professional and wouldn't know that a such thing as Opensim even existed. I give them credit, enough, for having the courage to sing to people, regardless of whether or not they should have a publishing deal with J Records.

Lastly... I find it incredibly amusing that Andy Wilder has the nerve to comment on someone's club and judge their DJs... considering Andy's own sets are robbed from other people. She's taken lists from DJ Aussie, taken lists from DJ Cataplexia, has taken lists from DJ Kuro and has even taken MULTIPLE lists from myself. Andy. You don't have a style that is your own, you don't have an influence that is pure and authentic. What you have is the cultural appropriation of music and styles you don't even understand but use to keep a crowd. When I hear 13 songs, back to back, that have been on DJ Cata's set, another 8-10 songs back to back that came from DJ Kuro or 23 songs in Patois, a language you don't even understand, taken from myself... You then don't get to judge the next person on their DJing, their singing or even their grid designing.

What you gave wasn't an honest opinion... it came from a personal place as you could've gone to Nubian directly with your "honest opinions". Instead, you decided to play the tween card and call him out on his grid page. If what you're saying is that Keng's shit stinks... then yours wreaks.
anonymous 3 days ago
Thyme, Antoinnette,

Welcome to the wicked world of Andy Wilder. Just be glad you weren't accused of stealing objects from her which she in turn had previously stolen from someone else. You don't need the negative press, and I'm sure your grid and regions rock. You should have the ability to delete her comment, Antoinnette, and I fully recommend doing so.
wolfe 23 days ago
I really dislike when you land on a sim like this and you are instantly INUNDATED with a crapload of globit auth popups, automatic guest counters, group joiners, landmark givers, friend offers and IM's with teleport links! gezus!
Thyme 11 days ago
But did you die?

The Gloebit popup is becoming a grid-wide thing. It isn't just Keng City and is incredibly necessary, especially considering Podex decided to cease providing its systems to opensim. Gloebit is a new form of commerce and if you kept up to date with that commerce and authenticated your gloebit account with the grid offering service, you'd find you wouldn't have that issue anymore.

The guest counters don't hurt you, nor do the group joiners, landmark givers or even the teleport requests. But bare in mind that the TP requests are done out of courtesy, so folks don't have to travel far to where the action is.

Overall, these seem like empty complaints that truly have no effect on your gaming experience outside of a sensitive mentality that appears to be bothered by every. little. thing. Come to Kengs to have a good time... not looking for something to whine about~
PamellaEaston 3 days ago
Thyme... you are just great!
AntoinnetteKeng 23 days ago
Once you leave the welcome center... let’s have a good time.
CreyJackson 2 months ago
Well, attempting to teleport over and Firestorm logged me out, two different times. Seems like a number of people are saying nice things about this location. It's too bad I'm unable to do the same.
AntoinnetteKeng 2 months ago
I do apologize, we were doing some updates today so that may explain the problems you had. The maintenance is complete now and we hope you will take the time to come visit us again.
BinaryHills 2 months ago
Fast , Friendly , Fun! What more can you ask for? They have fabulous good quality events.
Thyme 5 months ago
Truly impressive and fun to be around, Nubian Keng has great vision for an opensim community and is backed by a strong and friendly team. Every single person you'll meet within his community will make sure you feel at home and always wanting to come back.

In addition to that, it's very heart-warming to know that Nubian has the community he has, where people of color can go and feel welcome and others can come an educate themselves in Black American history. Purely wonderful~
JaneStonecrow 1 years ago
Movie nights at Keng City are a blast!
AngelicKisses 1 years ago
Wonderful shopping and relaxing attractions.
Zathras 1 years ago
A small island city with a handful of shops. Very nice yachts marina, several which are free to take a copy of. I've been enjoying myself checking out this quiet lag free place.

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Truly impressive and fun to be around, Nubian Keng has great vision for an opensim community and is backed by a strong and friendly team. Every single person you'll meet within his community will make sure you feel at home and always wanting to come back. In addition to that, it's very heart-war...
Awesome people to hang with!!! And the music, many different genres, always something new!!
Like earlier when I visited- I was INUNDATED again by their visitor counter local chat blather, welcome text chat blather, activate globit popup I had to dismiss, multiple group joiner popups I had to dismiss, multiple friend and teleport popups, landmarks and more junk I had to dismiss, so I captu...
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