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Morgensternheim Adult

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Castle Morgensternheim is the most romantic place for secret meeting and recreation. The castle is made in the Gothic style, filled with secrets and shadows of the past. Here you will find an abandoned garden, shady alleys, magnificent waterfalls, intricate corridors and numerous places for rest, meditation and solitude. Here sing birds, crickets, rumbling waterfalls and crows crow. This castle is full of sounds. You can play on the organ in the old library, dance in the Gothic hall, listen to classical music and meditate, looking at the bloom of an old cherry. If you find a more romantic place, we will refund your money. :)
Welcome to my home, friends. Adult only.

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Morgensternheim in Soziarium:
MEPHISTOPHELES: Fürwahr! er dient Euch auf besondre Weise. Nicht irdisch ist des Toren Trank noch Speise. Ihn treibt die Gärung in die Ferne, Er ist sich seiner Tollheit halb bewußt; Vom Himmel fordert er die schönsten Sterne Und von der Erde jede höchste Lust, Und alle Näh und alle Ferne Be...
4 months - 0 comments
The tomb of Ludovico Sforza and Beatrice D'este Architect: Cristoforo Solari (1489-1520) Marble, Certosa di Pavia, Italy Damn, textures looks a bit blurry... But not bad.
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Copyboted from real life. Stalin's portrait. Museon park. Moscow city.
5 months - 7 comments

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Krystal 5 months
Beautiful!, many places to explore, very interesting interpretation of dark and light,night and day ...well done :)
Morgenstern 5 months
Thank you! I try my best)
wicked 6 months
Simply stunning.. as can only be expected.. from him. Great taste all the way.. hi 10..
Morgenstern 5 months
Thank you!)
PowerOfGreen 6 months
Hi i can't get in I'd love to see it. Steam invited me over today to walk around with her but can't get. says: Unable to verify identity I love this place!
Morgenstern 6 months
Hi! It can be your viewer issue. Please, try to relog and then try to tp again. That should work. But insure before that your home grid allows connect with Sacrarium grid. My region server is online.

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Beautiful build! Who knew it even existed. It is a beautiful representation of dark andlight,day and night,congratulations.
I felt like I was walking in an Oil Painting. so well done!
Nice built SIM :) U really need use teleporter offered allover the sim. So its the only way find all interesting corners :)
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