THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME I have been a member of Genesis Global Journey for about 6 months and one thing I can confidently say is that this game definitely keeps getting better and better by the day. This includes the quantity and quality of service. I remember barely a month ago, this OUALIE(freebies) did not look like the way it does now. There are new arrivals, from new clothes and body parts to be a sexier avatar, to new vehicles and weapon system all for fun. The most mind blowing part is ,they are all FREEEE!!!, exciting right?, come on, what other way is there to blaze up the summer heat and have fun!. I do not know about others but as for me, this gave me the boost and you bet i am summer ready in all shades of sexy. I can't wait to meet all the new and old people in this game with my new stuffs!!!. Show off right?, lolllll, i can't help it, just excited!!!

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All Free and the best content!! Good Job!!!

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It's all about Qualie,there some sexy outfits here for your beautiful avatar,ranging from,dinner gown,mini skirts,i and my husband outing,my boo and i outing,whatever you want,just name it,they even have,make them boys turn type of dress,lolz,seriously i love it here it's so awesome,and there body parts its killing 'HOUR GLASS SHAPE', you've got to check it out,am really loving this place,first bus stop before any other,if at all i would go any other place.**Smile***

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NO DOUBT ,this place has great taste in clothing line for all....A place you want to check out!!!!

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