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Yosemite DW Park with Hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s and More brought to you by YJ the DJ and Twilight-Radio.com.
We've got the woods, falls, lake and of course the party area in a woodsy surrounding.

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minstrel 1 years ago
Nice quiet place to relax ... play some games .... listen to some good music ... hang with great people !!
Sexxylady 1 years ago
nice place to hangout with friends!!! tooo bad the greedy table HATES me!!!
Great music too! :)
mysticmoonlight 1 years ago
great place come listen to the oldies n play some greedy with yj and bossy and friends ,,,enjoy the scenery that surrounds this place..promise u will enjoy your visits i sure do!!
autumn919 2 years ago
This is a beautiful and peaceful place where you can relax, listen to some great oldies music and enjoy dancing with friends or meeting new people as well. Well done, YJ.
YJDude 2 years ago
Thank you so much, Autumn.. I really appreciate it a lot.
Arcavius 2 years ago
Woot! Nice region, YJ! Great setting for a retreat or group event. Let's have a picnic! The dance area is so beautiful, especially at night! And the music makes me feel nostalgic. Thanks for sharing your creativity!
YJDude 2 years ago
My Pleasure, Arc.. thanks so much. Need to put a PiNic table under the big tree near the dance floor ;)
NikkiDaKitti 2 years ago
Awesome Place, with all the wooded land and lake. All sorts of critters around the woods and a really neat lake home. I love it. Great classic music, also.
YJDude 2 years ago
Thank for all the support thus-far.. Way coool
YJDuder 2 years ago
What a great place to just chill out and listen to some awesome classic tunes. Both rock and country.. Great Mountain atmosphere here also. I love to just chill on one of the inner tubes in the swimming area near the lake house and listen to the tunes.

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