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We at 3rdlife Grid looks at the opensim community as one big world with each grid being a little town within that world. We like to help other grids when ever possible so we have done a couple things to help the content creators & entertainers from other grids.

3rdLife Grid is pleased to announce that we have added a new gloebits shopping mall for all you Hypergrid Shoppers. Sign up for gloebits, buy some gloebits, come check out our Mall then Stay Calm And Shop. Then Take your purchases back to your grid with you. Can't get any better than that.

If you are a creator from another hypergrid enabled grid and you want to try selling with Gloebits we will give you a shop in our Gloebits enabled mall to sell your products. You can get the shop FREE and without making an account on our grid. Just contact me DJTommy Seetan On 3rdLife Grid.

We didn't forget about the entertainers either. We have created a group on our grid Called Hypergrid Events. ANYONE can join AND Performers can send out notices in the group so anyone from other grids who has joined the group will get the notice. This helps the entertainers by getting notice of their event out to a lot more grids so more people show up to their event. It also helps other grids by getting more people to their grid for events.

The Only restriction is that you have to come to 3rdLife Grid to send your Notices. (This is an opensim restriction Not Ours ) Just bring your avatar from what ever grid you want Click the sign at the Welcome Center
( 3rdlifegrid.com:8002 ) to join the group. That easy & again FREE.

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Daddysbrain 8 months
Bad comments come from people who have been banned from Osgrid , and now they cry for freebies… ahahah well if they have been banned they surely know why… they acted like thief and stole many creators… but now they feel proud enought to ask those creators they have stolen to give them all for free… must be a big joke… What do they think, that you get gifts when you hack and try to force people to give ? All they will gain is beeing banned from other grids, so less freebies for them… in fact that is all they desserve.
Outlawwear 2 years
3rd Life is the best game ever

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