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The Argentoratum grid and its server were completely updated during the summer. You can - play the game of Saint Oie (questions in French), - visit the Kilwa region and talk with its NPCs (in French) - discover the dinosaur region: dinopensim - the SRO charger is not yet functional, but it will soon be! Enjoy your visit.
La grille Argentoratum et son serveur ont été entièrement mis à jour pendant l'été.
Vous pouvez
- jouer au jeu de Saint Oie,
- visiter la région Kilwa et parler avec ses NPCs
- découvrir la région des dinosaures : dinopensim
- le chargeur d'OARs n'est pas encore fonctionnel, mais c'est pour bientôt !
Bonne visite.

The Kilwa Region of the Argentoratum grid is open and accessible from the "Accueil" region via a teleportation gate. This is not an official construction or a scientific representation of the Palace. The aim here is to reveal by immersion a monument reconstructed from archaeological information. The virtual palace is an example of a possible realization in OpenSimulator. You can visit it freely by creating an account on the Argentoratum website. You can also come to Argentoratum from any other OpenSim grid.