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Christmas Island
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Christmas Themed Region.. Sleighrides, Santa's Workshop, Ice Skating, Free Christmas gifts and Decorations. Party on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!

Due to popular request.. we are going to open the Christmas Sim early. It is now open. If anyone finds something not functioning as it should, please let us know.. Merry Christmas!

I know it's a little early... but WLFG Holiday is online 2 weeks early this year. Normally we start it the day after US Thanksgiving, but this year we've started it up a bit early. WLFG will be running a
24 x 7 Christmas Stream starting today until 01/06/2020.

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!

Stream Info:
Opening Day - 11/29/2019. This year Littlefield Grid has decided to add a special Christmas Shopping area to our Christmas Island region. Christmas Trees, Home Decor, Home Furnishings, Outdoor Decorations. All items are available to everyone and are free. Christmas Island will be open and available to the public. We have ice skating, a sleigh ride, Santa's Balloon Ride, and alot of nice winter activities as well.
Littlefield Grid's Christmas Eve Party!!
Where: Christmas Island
When: 2 years ago [24 Dec 2018 20:00 SLT]

Live DJ, Dancing, Christmas Freebies, food and drink, Ice Skating, Sleighrides, Santa's Castle!

Littlefield Grid's Christmas Night Party!!
Where: Christmas Island
When: 2 years ago [25 Dec 2018 20:00 SLT]

Live DJ, Dancing, Free Christmas Gifts, Ice Skating, Sleigh-rides, Santa's Castle, Food and Drink!!


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Region Comments

Tainted Angel 9 months ago
Beautiful and Fun!!! Check it out!
Walter Balazic 9 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
Bebe 9 months ago
yay another xmas region opened and so cute
thank you so much
Walter Balazic 9 months ago
So nice to meet you today Bebe! Glad you came by!