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SimGEAR Space Port features a State of the Art Night Club, Diner, Photo Studio, PREMIUM Freebies, Mesh Adult Furniture, Genitalia, 500+ Animation BDSM Dungeon and MORE! Visit our CLONE ROOM for our NPC workshop. Check back often, we are always adding content. Ozone welcomes ALL open minded adults. ALL OF OUR REGIONS ARE PROTECTED BY "CHILD GATE". Any avatar possessing child-like attributes are automatically removed.

NEW January 2020! Imbrium Inferno has been UPGRADED! Enjoy the best, most realistic roller coaster simulation in Opensim!

NEW! (Sep 2017) We have enhanced the Opensimworld Active NPCs Framework and are offering it FREE in our Clone Room. Get your copy today and tap into the full potential of Opensim's non-player characters!

The Ozone Experience is RESOURCE HEAVY and requires a modern GAMING machine with optimal driver configurations. You WILL experience lag on substandard equipment. Your only remedies are to remove heavily scripted attachments, lower your view distance/graphic settings, empty your hypergrid suitcase before visiting this simulator OR UPGRADE YOUR COMPUTER.

If you are unable to connect, try again later. Every attempt is made to keep our simulation operational at all times but there is one variable we all must contend with... Opensimulator software is EXPERIMENTAL, issues can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

See us on Kitely Market: www.kitely.com/market?store=...
Or on YouTUBE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4qP...

If you are unable to access my region from certain hypergrid destinations, please obtain a FREE OSgrid avatar to see this world. OSGrid denies entry to grids known for malicious and/or illegal activities. There is nothing I can do to remedy this.

Opensim is FREE - Servers and Resources ARE NOT - Grid Operators and Content Creators need your support!

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Tainted Angel I love this place!!!! OMG..... amazing!!!! Thank you!
Brettson This is a delightful sim, breathtaking scenery. Thanks for the freebies and tutorials!

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JonSun 18 days ago
Ozone is so worth a visit, so many areas to explore. and the new rollercoaster and undersea rides are fantastic! Each region is well themed and the NPCs are incredible! Get over there!
Blondie GayMan 3 years ago
Just paid a very nice visit. It's seriously amazing what Spax has built there. I just love the space theme and his builds are inspiring.

As for lag, I found for me, zero lag! That really surprised me considering all that is going on there/ I too am running with advanced lighting on, which, on many regions, I have had to disable due to the extra lag caused... but not here.

I look forward to visiting again very soon... Hopefully get some more ideas! ;)
Spax Orion 3 years ago
It was a treat having you over for a visit, many thanks for your kind words =D
Euman 3 years ago
This region is amazing, your lighting affects, mesh work and your imagination inspire me.. Great great work Spax
Praline B 3 years ago
Great build and atmosphere, really well done! Would like to see a party and laser light show, do you advertise on G+ community?
And for your information about your shop, if you mind you may have a look at this thing gloebit.com/
Very simple to use for merchants/customers
Best wishes for the Ozone club! gyazo.com/e531d7c6fc66a3309e...
DannyC 3 years ago
Love this build and what an amazing club, cant wait to have parties here!
Power OfGreen 3 years ago
great build really fun too lovely place to go and also to party! wooop