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Thanks to all of you for making Adachi one of the most popular regions in the Metaverse ...
New and approved just for you !!

Foundation Grid is not suitable for Underage Avatars - No child avatars or child presenting are tolerated and those avatars will be kicked and banned on site

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AllaaOkoda Totally awesome place!
ggjworld Gotta give it up to Oni, really good stuff and shareable to all. Oni is always helpful and friendly, our best friend in de virtual world. Thank you Oni for everything and job well done :))))
Kimmy Love nicest mall I have seen n always love metro grid <<>>

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kawolf 1 years ago
thanks for a wonderfull place to peruse and pick up some really good quality items..
KittyVelvet 1 years ago
Amazing and loaded with quality freebies , really a huge range of everything from clothing, bodies ,and buildings to the weird , wonderful and totally unexpected . Thank you for sharing and caring!
Zoe Burke 1 years ago
I go often to Adachi, mostly on Friday parties. When sometimes, I can't access directly Adachi what I do is to go to and there I use the teleport to Adachi. Works everytime I do it. Please remember, OpenSim is Alpha, which means things can go weird sometimes, but we have a FREE world full of volunteer good people doing a lot for us. Enjoy it fully and be happy!
IntrepidBoudica 1 years ago
Ehson Miles 1 years ago
One of the best places I have been in opensim
Kelly Adams 1 years ago
There are a variety of reasons for teleports to fail from one grid to another.
1. Nobody on your grid can teleport to another grid - unable to connect. the reason is your grid has blocked access
2. Nobody on your grid can teleport to another grid,- Destination does not allow visitors from your grid means your grid is blocked from their access server
3. Single person teleport fails, everyone else can teleport from your grid. Chances are you need to clear cache and relog.

Hope this helps...
Edison Rex 1 years ago
Or hypergridding is misconfigured. This happens too. If you're having a problem you should ask the grid admin, who should be able to check a log or two and sometimes contact the other grid to discuss. Not all grids just ban everybody.
Dorena Verne 1 years ago
Nice, but low performance server. :-(
oopsee Joseppe 1 years ago
servers and performance - adachi region carries 11 plus gigs of content more than may grids
we have fibre optic lan connections at 1GB per server 500up 500dn mbs per second. all servers run on Xeon Processors utilizing SSD drives. All are contained within the same DataCenter...
For non-techies like me this is about as good and fast as it gets
if your lagging at adachi it is either your internet connection, viewer settings or your own home grid servers