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Thanks to all of you for making Adachi one of the most popular regions in the Metaverse ...
New and approved just for you !!

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kawolf 4 months
thanks for a wonderfull place to peruse and pick up some really good quality items..
KittyVelvet 5 months
Amazing and loaded with quality freebies , really a huge range of everything from clothing, bodies ,and buildings to the weird , wonderful and totally unexpected . Thank you for sharing and caring!
ZoeBurke 7 months
I go often to Adachi, mostly on Friday parties. When sometimes, I can't access directly Adachi what I do is to go to and there I use the teleport to Adachi. Works everytime I do it. Please remember, OpenSim is Alpha, which means things can go weird sometimes, but we have a FREE world full of volunteer good people doing a lot for us. Enjoy it fully and be happy!
IntrepidBoudica 7 months
ehson 7 months
One of the best places I have been in opensim
Kelley_Adams 8 months
There are a variety of reasons for teleports to fail from one grid to another.
1. Nobody on your grid can teleport to another grid - unable to connect. the reason is your grid has blocked access
2. Nobody on your grid can teleport to another grid,- Destination does not allow visitors from your grid means your grid is blocked from their access server
3. Single person teleport fails, everyone else can teleport from your grid. Chances are you need to clear cache and relog.

Hope this helps...
EdisonRex 6 months
Or hypergridding is misconfigured. This happens too. If you're having a problem you should ask the grid admin, who should be able to check a log or two and sometimes contact the other grid to discuss. Not all grids just ban everybody.
DorenaVerne 9 months
Nice, but low performance server. :-(
oopsee 8 months
servers and performance - adachi region carries 11 plus gigs of content more than may grids
we have fibre optic lan connections at 1GB per server 500up 500dn mbs per second. all servers run on Xeon Processors utilizing SSD drives. All are contained within the same DataCenter...
For non-techies like me this is about as good and fast as it gets
if your lagging at adachi it is either your internet connection, viewer settings or your own home grid servers
LillyPond 2 years
It's not easy to tell how good one can feel being a part of this wonderful world, so full of beautiful things, generously made available for all of us! You have to COME and SEE for your self!
Very true they say: " they care about us"!
Goosson 2 years
YAY! Congratulations to Adachi and whole Sacrarium! You on the right way now, to ban pedophiles and remove copybot! BRAVO! It is exactly what we must do with this scum. No drama, no cry, just get evidences and ban, ban,ban! Lets god sort em out! Pedophiles, Nazis, copybotters etc. I see you have massive attack but please not pay attention for haters. As HG write "It seems that the pedophiles lost access to Sacrarium and tried to take revenge". Dont get em revenge dont pay attention on this anonimus. Hold on, and know you have a lot of friends. Good job, Sacrarium!
Aferistka 2 years
Amazing place very well organised Top Content EVERYTHING FREE !!!!!
Morgenstern 2 years
Awesome region with a lot of kind and friendly people. Thank you for nice place for meeting with friends and a lot of soul warm that you gave to everyone how come here!
goonie 2 years
OMG !! OMG this place is off the charts
I came as a noob and in less than 20 minutes I looked fantastic - love you Adachi
The entire Sacarium Grid is awesomeness with the best quality free stores in any grid in opensim and the performance is excellent, no lag, no grey
Thank you Oni so much for helping me you the bestest ever
We Love Adachi,
The content is amazing and huge ... it is a one stop get everything you need to build a grid, outfit your avatar, pick up quality items for decorating your home
Every person I have met in Adachi are super helpful and kind
Thank you soooooo much for making Adachi and all the quality content available for everyone ;)))
JaniaCleanslate 2 years
This place and it's owners has been nothing but nice to me since day one. and if your grid is ban is for a very very good reason and maybe you should leave that grid :-)
LoraLynn 2 years
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment for a long long time, oh Lord
The movement of quality freebies is growing and Opensim will be free once again, oh Lord.... I'm luvin it and dancin' to it...whoop whoop!
Dreamscape 2 years
This place is a Dream!!! Great stuff and a cool looking region, top that off with new stuff frequently added.... If there is a life after death... my heaven would be Adachi !!!
KrypticKayos 2 years
Everything you need and more. What else could you ask for. Constantly updated and growing with great people and great items.
Ty for creating sassafrass
Latisha_Jones 2 years
There is more content here than humanly possible to remember, let alone take home with you for free. Probably the best source for that ("I wonder if there is one in the metaverse") object or script. If Allah shines on you, it will be the latest version and did I already say free?
TyphaineArtez 2 years
Glad to see Adachi is back :)
falene 2 years
very sympatical area, sympatical peoples and very good items
simonaskytower 2 years
My inspiration to start yet another similar mall in Diamond Sands also in Metropolis. Love you Oni, and thank you so much for all your hellp!
AngelaBarzane 2 years
wow wow wow this sim is like 10 markets and 1000 mals in one and all free as i love, i could spend months here, i also see new stuff everyday, it became my source nr 1 in all hypergrid, people are amazing and Oni a sweet ty ty ty ty :-)))))))))))))
Illusive.cake 2 years
I adore this place! It's the reason I joined metrogrid, and Oni is a sweetheart. (Two main reasons I joined metro) : P This is a literal 1-stop place for avatars. You can complete a look and or outfit just by coming here. :D
NandaRotunno 2 years
The best!
SheriffDawn 2 years
I love this region… Oopsse is such an amazing creator and such a wonderful friend. :)) I encourage every one to visit her wonderful region to enjoy all her hard work..
Live long and prosper & enjoy all this wonderful region has to offer.. Make it so!!!
anonymous 2 years
I have been to a lots of places throughout my years, but i have never been welcomed like i was here, I gained a true honest friend,(friends) & brought my business to the sim also..Why not join us for some fun, I am your all request DJ with tours from around the Universe for "The Sound Sensation" 8)
IHadADream 2 years
I don't know why i am commentin' on this place, lmao cuz i likes it :)
1ChristyBendan 2 years
Love this place! Great Freebie Shop, Art Gallery, and Adult Entertainment. Beautifully decorated. Lots to see and do. Friendly people, great place to hang out or shop.
gingerred 2 years
Great place , awesome stuff , and good people
Bigman1 2 years
Awesome sim of a friendly and kind owner, i would definitely raccommand to everyone, high quality stuff !

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Totally awesome place!
Thank you so much for keeping with the spirit of FREE OpenSim. This is definitely one awesome region that is meant to be a help to everyone)))+5
Gotta give it up to Oni, really good stuff and shareable to all. Oni is always helpful and friendly, our best friend in de virtual world. Thank you Oni for everything and job well done :))))
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