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SERENITY invites you to spend time relaxing in Zoo. Many see animated animals in the zoo, but also in the "Safari" to visit Jeep. You can also visit the castle area.
Enjoy your visit.
Erwan ELAN

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AryaPaul 3 months
BEST zoo in the metaverse! So well designed, with excellent, often animated animals, incredible attention to detail. Too much to fully appreciate in one visit. Just outstanding!
Avia 1 years
how fantastic this is! great region, well done!
Tenbearz 2 years
So well worth a visit to this region. One of the very best regions I have run across in our explorations of the HyperGrid. Do visit, SERENITY-ZOO, you will enjoy every minute here. [This is not a Paid Advertisement ! ] it is just so cool.
iekocatnap 2 years
the best zoo I visited, wonderful work ! thank you
sofee 3 years
Perfect Designed as if your at a Real Life Zoo Park, friendly Animals and Owner, gives you the real feel as if you are really there in person. Erwan you did an amazingly good job (Big Thumbs Up) I recommend this to EVERYONE to visit with Friends and Family on a Day Trip Out.
Greybox 3 years
Very much worth visiting. I especially enjoyed the vistas; you turn a corner and another one awaits you. I suggest using both afternoon and sunset settings to get the full effect. Just be careful of the feces flinging primates.
Satyr 3 years
This safari area is hands down one of the best regions i 've ever seen in opensim. Lots of animated animals and fish in a tropical african setting. Can spend hours marveling at the beautiful nature here!
sweetfacegood 3 years
wonderful place i like it so much i went back twice on the same day very nicely done :)

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I have been to lots of zoos on a few different grids, including SL, and Serenity Zoo is by far THE BEST in the metaverse!! I have had to return several days to fully appreciate all of the details that were incorporated into this amazing build. And this is definitely not a static display, which mak...
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