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Power Angels Paradise
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Kylie Garzo
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4 years ago
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Welcome to The Angels family, rigged mesh hair salon, wedding gowns, Gift Shop, Baby shop, Gatcha, romantic couple dance glass, Adult love beds big menu, Adult shop, dining table, Belly dancing, Tails, jacuzzi, cage dancing, skins, eyes, shapes, kids shop, mesh leatherpants, podex, cool clubs, lucky chairs ! money giver, gifts and freebies, have fun all hugssssss :) and we have lots more ! www.power-angels.info/index....

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Kylie Garzo hi there miss or mister Shaggy Collins obviously you dont know us very well :) we dont want peeps to just buy ! we spend many hours making our products so the peeps are happy also we give out freebies, lucky chair, money givers and do parties where they can win money also ! along with that we also h...
Bob Garzo Mister Shaggy Collins, when i remember right i made for you special Bento Wings and you was sooooooooo happy to get them. Well when you want something for free go to another grid. When we get requests then we do custom work too but be sure for you i dont do nothing anymore.
Shaggy Collins Misleading - They want you to buy everything and I'm not buying a single thing for money on open grid.

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mia191 2 years ago
eu ja mandei os dados ontem e nao consigo ir ainda ja autorizaram?
mari 2 years ago
quero ir muito nessa loja mais nao consigo :/
MissLisa 2 years ago
how long after i have read and accepted the terms will i be allowed to visit my favourite store :)
Rique Giano 2 years ago
after 10 min
MissLisa 2 years ago
still not working, after an hour since i did the new terms :(
Bob Garzo 3 years ago
Again this is a Product Page to show WHAT WE HAVE. Also Freebies

Power Angels sell quality and for anyone something. Freebie hunters better go to clutterfly. We finance our sims, parcells and contestboards for parties from the money we earn. So we dont need put our own money in it. When someone need take alot medicine knows what it means to save own money for it. We produce and use the sells for going forward in opensims.
Bob Garzo 4 years ago
For all! Look at following website www.power-angels.info/index....

And the site isnt updated yet. The products you can see in IW we have also in Digi and in Zangrid. We have everything ALSO Freebies, Money trees and Lucky Chairs. When you look around you will find everything...
LadyContessa Barbosa 4 years ago
Atantion! The Creator from this Region want Money for Contents. Maybee she go better to SL. If you search for Freebies this Region is not the right.
Bob Garzo 4 years ago
Will send you PM.....
Kylie Garzo 4 years ago
Attention ! did you read what we all have its not just freebies but quality stuff also :)