Krasimir Safari Park

Krasimir Safari Park
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Welcome to Safari Park.

Please turn on your sounds so you get the full effect of the jungle.

You can take a tour of the jungle by sitting on one of the green balls in the Safari Park jeep.
Then click the jeep and select START
NOTE : For best effect and a smooth ride go to mouse look

After winding thru the jungle and once you go thru the tunnel, you should start hearing drums.
When you arrive at the Village you can select the Stop option on the jeep menu and hop out and have a dance with the natives
by clicking on the skull on the pole in the cooking pot. To stop dancing, click the skull again and hop back in your jeep and continue your tour.
If you are out of the jeep for 60 seconds, the vehicle will automatically return to the starting location and leave you stranded to live with the natives.

You can also ride the elephant by clicking on the sign in front of the animal, which will rez a ball to sit on.
Use your arrows to guide your animal. To run, click your Page Up key and to stop running, click your Page Down key.

Enjoy your visit and come again.
Safari Park Staff

Safari Park Fun
Where: Krasimir Safari Park
When: 4 years ago [5 Apr 2017 18:00 SLT]

It's a Safari Park Party tonight with
DJTommy Seetan spinning all the tunes
Stop in tonight and party with us @ the Safari Park
Take a tour around the park and see the animals & Natives
Hop aboard for a crazy ride
You Ready Daisy ?

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Johnny Rebel You GOT to be patient, and let it load. There is a LOT to see here? Pretty cool place? Rides, a tour ride, and scenaric. Worth takin a tour of for sure. :)

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Sparkaphat Doobie 3 years ago
This is a really fun place to visit! I like the elephant rides and the roller coasters and the whole sim is laid out really cool!