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Sci-fi worlds, alternative reality, theme builds, art forms, artificial life Visiting the estates is at the moment limited to invites.
Send me a note and I will contact you to arrange a visit.

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rearranging the builds to create space for new projects. The estates will be open to public during my presence
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It would sure be nice to visit your place but it seems every time one tries that you are never on! Why can't you leave it up so people can have a chance to see it some?
Ramirez 2 months
I'm sorry, the sims are on a home based server.
The last weeks i ame almost every day on line building so i must conclude you are in a diferend time zone.
I will ask Dan Banner if it is posible to have the sims on a OS owned server that will be continius on-line.
Thank you for your comment.
Ramirez 2 months
It seems the only way to have the estates continuously up is moving them to a dedicated server.
Problem is the estates are holding about 150000 prims what makes this too expensive, sorry
Tomtom 4 months
I wanted to visit this place but it is offline for 4 days now:-(
Touche 4 months
Judging by the photos, this is the most stunning sci-fi region of all the similar ones in Opensim. It is unfortunate that he is not online now.
When will it be possible to look at him?
Ramirez 4 months
Touche, let me know wen you would like to visit, send a note card and I will arrange it
Brand 5 months
IS NOT ACCESSIBLE, and how do I visit?
Maximus_Lear 1 years
say it is privet cant visit it
Ramirez 2 years
New maglev jet boosted transport available.
BillBlight 3 years
Some fantastic builds ...
Ramirez 4 years
Today 01/31/2016 I present the latest build, multiple use and at the moment hosting my gallery index.
This build will be filled with art and pictures of my hand.
Ramirez 4 years
under construction but accessible

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