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Lost World
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Everything under the sun, In just one location. Largest collection of Sci-Fi, Beachs, Elven, Caverns, Ancient Rome, Race Tracks, Combat Zones etc.

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Goldenmoon 1 years
great place to visit
LouCypher 2 years
is open ... just put the Hypergrid link in your map !
KittyRider 2 years
it would be nice if i could find the website so i can join
So much to see! I may have spent an hour there and only really explored 2 places! it is awesome there and will be returning again and again.......
MelodyStar 4 years
Well done and Joe Builder is friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed my time there and talking with him. I only saw a small part of it, but what I did see was inspiring and just makes me want to go back again and again. Thanks Joe for such a lovely visit.
lilen 4 years
Simply wonderful. Thanks Joe
Iris.O 5 years
Simply amazing lot of beautiful places, Great Job Joe. XD
1derworld 4 years
thx :)
MingNoi 5 years
great to explore, and i didn't see all for the moment. Still hunting the dinos, or better try not the be a diner for them XD
completly in love with the borg cube and had fun at the racing area
good success for your further projects - but take time you *lazyboy *g
1derworld 5 years
lol :)~
GridHopper 5 years
Awesome place Potter's place is just crazy cool. A must see
Avia 5 years
I am always impressed by what Joe creates, such huge worlds and so many diferences, you can take hours to see it all and still not be bored.
Lost world got so many regions to explore. Well done Joe!
Chris 5 years
Superb place lots of exciting things to see and do. Love the Sci-Fi worlds.
Mady5555 5 years
Awesome place!!!! Cant wait to to back and explore more!!!!! : ))))
suzysilverweb 5 years
A wondrous place! Lost World grid requires many visits to see it all. Amazing work! Thanks Joe for the tour and chat :)
kindraTurian 5 years
Joe Builders talent is amazing!! He is not only sharp but the builds he has done are very unique and detailed. I love this place of unique cities and builds! Joe is a really nice, friendly person willing to help anyone. Thank you Joe!!
Sunshine 5 years
Very kool place love the welcome area rome.
Davey 5 years
Everything is well built and designed, Love all the science fiction stuff super kool.
1derworld 5 years
Thanks :) More to come hopefully lol
1derworld 5 years
Enjoy your Visit, Any questions contact Joe Builder

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this place a huge rip off I can build circles around rthis asshole but give my stuff freely even freebies a joke its a scam to get you to buy his crap whichj isnt woth shit
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