freebies 4 Saisons

freebies 4 Saisons
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5 years ago

Full perms freebies, furniture, landscaping and more.
Right clic and take..
« Les nuages nagent comme des enveloppes géantes, Comme des lettres, que s’enverraient les saisons. »
de Ismaïl Kadaré

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kitonei 5 months ago
ty cherry
hereyouare 5 months ago
thanks for the quality free items you have made
i love CherryManga regions all are worth a visit
pralineb 3 years ago
Hello, so sorry for all of you banned from this region, bug is fixed! Please,let' s know if it comes back again.
pralineb 3 years ago
Thank you for your nice words! ;)
Lexa 3 years ago
I am coming from Metropolis Grid and I get the same message. You are banned rom all parcels in this region.

What a pity. I love the region - so many nice things for each season.
I hope you will be able to solve the problem. Thanks.
pralineb 3 years ago
We are really sorry for this, its solved! ;)
LisaLotta 3 years ago
Since weeks there is no way to teleport into that region. It says, that the person who try to get there is banned from the region. All useres of my grid seems to have the same problem. Maybe there is a default in the region settings.
pralineb 3 years ago
Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you tell me from witch grid are you coming ?
TangentPoint 4 years ago
CherryManga, I love your work! Thank you for sharing your creations so freely. I've visited any of the sims I know you create , Avifest and others - every one of them is a work of art.
CherryManga 4 years ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoy the stuff :)
wizardgynoid 4 years ago
I eagerly await new additions.
CherryManga 4 years ago
I'll add more after june, time is spent now on fest'avi :)
oopsee 5 years ago
cherry manga generosity is unbelievable, great mesh creations!!!!
CherryManga 5 years ago
Thank you very much Oopsee, I made some of them and others are from turbosquid, archive3d, and TF3DM.

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Thank you Cherry for some of the best regions in opensim Your creativity knows no bounds
CherryManga is one of the premier content creators in opensim .. her work is spectacular !!
Your Sims were one of the reasons that made me stay and fight for Opensim Ty Cherry :-) <3
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