Bink Draconia 2 years ago
Why do so many people prefer typing a bad review instead of sending owner a private message telling about the issue(s)?
This behavior is very best way to induce owners to delete their regions!
[sarcasm on] I am sure, everyone in opensim has nothing else to do than running across their regions two times a day for checking scripts or other errors [sarcasm off]

I really hope Spike will not close Weltraumbahnhof, because he did such a hard work in the past to build the teleporters and link them to a website with many photos, descriptions and much more information about all regions at Weltraumbahnhof. Although a few teleporter-destinations do not exist anymore, there are still enough interesting destinations online ...
Tomtom 2 years ago
is spike a "he"? i always thought he is a "she"...
Woody 2 years ago
so that you have something to complain about
Zoe 3 years ago
Danke für diese fantastische Arbeit, die der gesamten OpenSIM Community dient. Bravo!
falene hawks 3 years ago
Hello guten tag
just perfect, the best off
Sunshine Szavanna 4 years ago
Amazing :)) hugs Spike :))
Victor DeAngelo 5 years ago
This wonderful sim opened up whole new worlds for me...The owner should be very proud to be one of those whose desire it is to help others enjoy our virtual worlds all the more.
Kxirya Weytana 6 years ago
Wir würden gern ein TP Plätzchen bei Dir haben.
Wenn Du mal Zeit und Lust hast, melde Dich doch mal bei mir.

Liebe Grüße,

Kxirya Weytana [Pangea]
MichelleTheiss 6 years ago
Wonderful place, full of portals linking to a huge number of grids and sims. Description of destinations is available in both English and German.