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Dj @ X and Dj Elvis at Legends Club

in 5 hours | 2022-09-28 13:00 SLT | Lawrence Bay | Added by jennifer.law3
On wednesday at Club Legends we will have the honor of having our dears Dj X and Dj Elvis will play songs that will surely please everyone as soft rock, blues, new country and pop. Come have fun with friends, dance or make new friends

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DJ Arathorn @ Local Colors 6-8PM

in 10 hours | 2022-09-28 18:00 SLT | Local Colors | Added by Calnia
DJ Arathorn is bringing a set of drinking songs to the Local Colors Roadhouse. Come join the LoCo gang for lots of great music, good friends, and educational trivia to get the stories behind the songs. Set begins officially at 6, but Arathorn always likes to start a little early, so drop by and join the fun.


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Dj Rosa Alekseev at Lawrence Bay Legends club

in 1 days | 2022-09-29 16:00 SLT | Lawrence Bay | Added by jennifer.law3
Dj Rosa will be tonight at 04:00 until 05:30 PM The best of Rock, Blues and Country Music. Come, have fun with friends and make new friends.

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Acidic Loop live singer at Legends

in 4 days | 2022-10-02 15:00 SLT | Lawrence Bay | Added by jennifer.law3
Acidic Loop, live singer will be on Sundays singing songs that you love to hear and will answer your requests for songs of your choice, come have fun, listen to beautiful songs and dance with friends

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