Andron Andron posted December 1, 2018, 06:43

Unable to add photos to new region listing [resolved]

I can't seem to upload photos anymore, it used to work beautifully. I want to add my snapshots to the region description just like I did the last 5 that I entered some time ago, I don't want to add a post afterwards, I want them to end up in the default slideshow. When I do try to upload a photo, it doesn't appear, just the comment I entered does. I also just paid for pro membership since I wanted to add a 6th listing. I had 6 listed before so I guess the coin requirement is new? Bit upset to pay cash and have the photo upload feature break on me. If this can be fixed please leave me a message or instructions how I can add images to my new region listings. I have 18 snapshots to post with my most recent addition. thank you.


CreyJackson 12 days ago
Ran into this issue when first listing, while unsure, it may have to do with the format of picture. I found that uploading png files were problematic, where jpg files seem to upload without issue. Good luck.
Andron 11 days ago
Strange error since all PNG screenshots were direct from firestorm, however converting them to JPEG worked! Thanks!