johnboy johnboy posted November 9, 2018, 23:44

snoodle world

There is another region using all my pictures from my region called: MONIKA. There is not in fact any region called "MONIKA" at Panthera Grid and other than write on this board there seems to be no way in contacting anybody from opensim to delete that site ...... ..... I am sure it is all most innocent and just a mistake somewhere along the line but I want this put right so if anybody from opensim reads this then can you please do something about it. ......


johnboy 7 months ago
Hello, yes the pictures of the region were uploaded by myself and are shown on the revised snoodle world website which are the same as the site of Monika, the only way I could get my own website back again was to put snoodle world as a 'new' region so my new beacon works again and the website works again but of course it also means that the 'Likes' and comment have been lost :( but thank you for now disabling the monika website which in fact was snoodle world :)
opensimworld 7 months ago
hi johnboy, while the beacon may have been copied and lead to confusing the stats of the region, the pictures from the website were uploaded manually by mudplug. For now i have disabled the monika region. Is your original region listing still working ?
Bonnie 7 months ago
Sounds like the grid owner accidentally uploaded a backup of your region. Try contacting the grid owner. they can delete the Monika region. Hope that works. Good luck.