KiraWhitehawk KiraWhitehawk posted September 22, 2018, 15:03

Beacon Landing Point Issue

My beacon is rezzed at the main landing point of my region. However the url provided on the OSW Directory webpage for this region dumps people in the ocean far far away. I have re-rezzed the beacon and changed the key to no avail. Help, please.


teddlesruss 6 months ago
I had a flagpole at 128,128 but it's the right spot to drop new visitors so I'm quite happy about that, just removed said flagpole and made sure the area is now visitor-friendly. I was wondering about that landing point myself but it seems it may be baked into the beacon?
LyudmilaPavlichenko 8 months ago
In the Harbor i did put at a colision teleporter at 128,128 that teleports everybody who lands there to 512,512
stabba1234 9 months ago
i have a 3x3 for my marina resort region and I have set my default location close to where I dropped my beacon if your region is a var you can set it to where it is by going to your land tools in the viewer no matter what viewer it is. to get to land tools click the bar above where it says sim name and co-ordinates, goto options tab - you will see a option to set a landing spot, stand where you want people to land - hit set. in the pull down menu set to landing point not to anywhere as people will be sent to 128,128 on that region weather it be a standard or var region. hope this helps.
opensimworld 9 months ago
the beacon will send ppl to the position in the map, but i think most viewers don't work with coordinates > 256. And in general it is spotty. For maximum compatibility, i suggest making your landing spot at 128,128 , which will work for most people.
teddlesruss 6 months ago
That's what I figured, but thanks for the confirmation. Luckily for me I long ago read some sim guidelines that actually suggested you reserve 128,128 as your entry because it was a convention to use that as the default entry.
Truman 9 months ago
I think the default for a var region is 128,128,25. I've not found a way around it. Fortunately that spot on Booland was ocean so I built a small 'welcome island'. If there is a proper fix would be great if somebody could share it.
oopsee 9 months ago
Hi, the beacon itself does not set a landing point for your region.
To set a point of landing go to "about land or parcel details" and use the "options" tab ... there you can stand where you want a landing point then hit "set" and put the menu below to "landing point". Now all who tp to your region will land right there.
This will not work in a var region as the landing point is fixed and can not be changed.
KiraWhitehawk 9 months ago
Oh, silly me! I just assumed the landing point was set where the beacon was rezzed. Unfortunately I'm on a var region so I need to post info and teleporters at the landing point. Thank you!
oopsee 9 months ago
I wonder if you created a separate small parcel within the var where you want to set a landing point - that might work?
KiraWhitehawk 9 months ago
It's worth a try. Thank you for the suggestion!