JustynTyme JustynTyme posted June 5, 2019, 22:13

Can anyone tell me who this is?

[11:48] SweetNWild.Magic @pandoras-box.dougall.id.au:8002: Fucking wanker.

They left this offline to me June 2nd 2019, There region is searchable by maps, but I'm not going there.


pheonixrenfold 16 days ago
snik and i had a problem with that person at snikygrid too
JustynTyme 8 days ago
ugg well so far no issues since that last tyme.
pheonixrenfold 7 days ago
we had a ban on that person at snikygrid and we have seen them try to get here for goodness what reason... more abuse i suspect
JustynTyme 6 days ago
Ugg what is it they or he or she want! So far no issues yet from that person
JustynTyme 16 days ago
Some people can be ignorant I tell ya.