HoneyBaudin HoneyBaudin posted April 2, 2019, 07:55

JUST have a look....

NovemberRain posted a reply to a topic.
another issue we have is they don't know how to rip they rip all in max LOD that's why some of them have complexity high as 1 million. It's also a pra...
18 days ago

NovemberRain posted a reply to a topic.
Another scam AllCity had was to sell hypergrid to their own residents, they were telling their own residents we sell you hypergrid then you can get al...
18 days ago

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They also rip regions in all grids and many sims crash they sell or try to sell the ripped oar's. I think the best way to stop them is to make availab...
18 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region Breath 001
This grid resells stolen SL content in all malls, not good!
19 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region Breath 001
Of course they can't allow residents to find freebie grids else they would stop to buy the copybot they sell in breath-grid and baller nation.
19 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region FREE LANDS
Free land with no hypergrid for freebie grids is like a garden without flowers or like North Korea, not good! Newbies never use currency in this grid ...
19 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region SandBox
you resell in the sandbox the stolen stuff too?

I think that one has been banned from many grids and does not know that grid owners spend a lot of real life money for their grid… and that spending money and losing some is not stilling… They attack little honest grids, and show how stupid they are talking about people from other country… Is Opensimworld a place to do "politic" ? … and do people sell on sandboxes ?..... and why so much hate ? maybe bacause they cannot take some créations to put them full perms and copy on their places to increase traffic there… Those who act so bad and only attack little grid owners who work hard and spend lot of rl money are too scared to act the same with real big grids… Little grid owners Don't gain any money, they just spend a lot… but I Don't think work means Nothing to those bad talking people.


reserect 7 days ago
Here's me thinking i escaped all the drama and playground sillyness when i stopped playing SL as much.
CherryManga 10 days ago
I have no idea about who is Adrian,HoneyBaudin and Goldenmoon but they are all making weird reviews on my regions those 4 past days, telling stuff I don't understand anything about, if someone has a clue I take it as I don't travel much and am a drama noob...:)
GundaHerleva 10 days ago
What about this amazing sim on OSGrid https://ibb.co/qkM47VK
he is doing this for more than one year now, same accounts. He hates everything that is free or sims his friends from Aviworlds/Allcity/3DLove can't rip, this sim had too much scripts for his brain he went crazy of rage lololol. He is a old one in opensim, resells all kinds of old noob oar's and full of bad mesh from his friends grids. These days nobody is buying him anything, this is how he reacts.
bettyfl 10 days ago
hahaha ...welcome to the club

they have their own poetry and silly syntax

just ignore them

when they will have something important to say, we will see it in their work and traffic
CherryManga 9 days ago
Thanks everyone for the answers and for the support, I can now focus on the bright side of OS :). Opensimworld has no moderation ?
Chelsea.Cambridge 14 days ago
@ HoneyBaudin
You focus on one person yet there are many who think the same way as NovemberRain. Opensim was never intended to be a clone to SL.. it was always a free development of software for others to join in community. If you want to retail, there are many other "commercial" outlets for you. Opensimulator has changed more in the past year than it had in the past 8 years. There are more gorgeous crafted regions now than ever before, and it has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with sharing.
HoneyBaudin 14 days ago
yes, sure… so easy when yo make new account Everyday to add bad reviews … ahahhah .. laugh … so easy we all could do that but good and intelligent people dont spoil time doing such stupidities… just because they prefer to build… and those places you attack are most of time on grids with grid owners… That means grid owners can do what they want on their own grid and if they open or let shopping centers to open, it is their choice… same for people and visitors, you know… THIS IS CALLED FREEDOM…. so people can go and see and play with money if they like.. THEY ARE FREE…. This is why we are all here for FREEDOM… but it seems some really dont understand what FREEDOM means…
Freelife 12 days ago
freedom applies to everyone equally .. freedom to make alt accounts, freedom to leave bad reviews for any reason, freedom to keep opensim free and full perms and most important freedom to fight to keep opensim free of economy as it has always been for the last decade.
Freedom to say to all those who want to make opensim another shittylife grid to go back to secondlife and stay there.
Arielle 8 days ago
I suspect you are confusing Opensimulator with Osgrid. Opensimulator as a software platform has been used by quite a number of Opensimulator grids as a place to sell both sims and content right from the time it was possible to. Inworldz, Avination Digi, Kitely as well as a host of others have had an economy, selling both sims and content. Osgrid was the exception rather than the norm in that they refused an economy there because as the testing grid, the code was not considered stable enough to risk having monies involved there. Even so, plenty of landowners rented regions out to people for real money. Even Osgrid as a Grid is not free as it requires people to donate money for the servers to cover their own usage as well as the usage of those who don't contribute......much like S/L.
So yeah, economies are a thing in Opensim and have been for well over a decade. The beauty of Opensim is that like you say, it gives the freedom of choice to either have a Grid with economy or not. Should any individual or group be able to dictate to the rest it should be one way or another? Then it is no longer freedom.
Freelife 6 days ago
dont know where you have been but my experience in opensim started in osgrid way before the grids you mentioned and until recently with hg all grids were closed to each other.
Economy and commercial was present and always has been in opensim however nothing like what it is today. It was RARE to see anything or anyone trying to sell something. So sorry if I over generalised earlier.
Opensim was not intended for economy or commercial at all as oars and god powers defeat any kind of content protection no matter what grid you name above. This is exactly why you dont see any sl creators (the most popular anyway) trying to sell in opensim grids.
opensim is becoming more and more decentralised getting away from the dictatorial grids you mention above. Decentralisation is by its nature keeping opensim freedom of choice.
My choice is free and full perms, sharing, giving, helping and will promote this viewpoint over selfish, greedy, content restrictions et al whenever and wherever possible.
Goldenmoon 12 days ago
that "Freedom to say to all those who want to make opensim another shittylife grid to go back to secondlife and stay there." shows how you are… not able to respect nobody… so Don't expect Nothing in return… I dont give Nothing to people who dont respect others … no need to pray for more, you only desserve less.. Reason why I now save Golden Shopping region for those who desserve it and respect others.
Freelife 11 days ago
hahahahahaha, i respect those who earn respect not those sleazy opportunists like yourself who disrespect the long history of opensim being free of economy.
You want economy? Want to sell your junk? Secondlife is set up just for that and the place for you.
Bring shittylife economy & culture to opensim and expect the vast majority of opensim residents who dont want economy in opensim to flip you off. They come to opensim to escape from sl and here you are advocating another shittlylife clone grid.
Wise up there is no demand to buy in opensim. Whatever you may sell to people who feel sorry for you is so tiny why bother at all.
Ya, go back to secondlife and be happy there selling to your hearts content.
Goldenmoon 11 days ago
Thanks for the nice comment… But you see it's better for all of us to stay…just not to let the opensim alone with people like you.
Freelife 10 days ago
your welcome ... will be fun to watch you go broke as the majority of opensim residents will not support you by buying anything. Look at the minuscule traffic at your grid hahahaha.
ask yourself why the most profitable creators and sellers in sl have NEVER been operating or selling in opensim?
Seems they are smarter than you are
Love the hate spam your posting on regions who have never posted on your listings hahahahaha good job
Goldenmoon 10 days ago
thanks for your nice comment
LindaShelby 13 days ago
I'm not so selfish i like to share my freedom with others! When i give others full perms top content and give them freedom!!! You have to try this it's amazing Honey i call it Share with no mercy!!! :-)
Adrian 13 days ago
I know her well and she gives much more than you can imagine… but she wont give to people who insult her work for sure…
Summersfun 14 days ago
on point, exactly
oopsee 14 days ago
amen !!
LindaShelby 15 days ago
Sorry Adrian that makes no sense, The best content creators of Opensim make it all free. Why would a 2 weeks newbie that carry in his inventory top content give his money to buy old low quality content from resellers? Of course you have the right to sell your old prims and 2005 SL templates but why do you attack for more than one year all grids sims and people that offer freebies? You shoot the water because "They" are just 95% of the Opensim community.
HoneyBaudin 14 days ago
Yes sure " old low quality content" as you think… but you want those creators stuff for free, even full perms and we know why… Because they are real good creation, nice work that does not make lag on region, and very unique work from those people… Believe me if those creators work was so bad, they would not be harashed as they are … those who attack and keep creating new accounts every day for bad reviews, would just passs their way and would not care…
LindaShelby 13 days ago
Honey can you please show me only one piece of prim art you say they want it full perms? can you tell me why they want that art full perms? can you name us those great creators?

Why did your alt account DaddyBrains attacked Cherry Manga Freebie sim? https://gyazo.com/657ec22f5433f96a8228... not only that one but most Opensim freebie sims and grids for more than 2 years now!
Adrian 15 days ago
They want all creators to give all free and full perms to everybody and most of all to themselves … so they can resell your work…. or put it free to increase traffic on their grid and region… They want creators who wont accept to give them their work to go away from Opensimworld… Have a quick look..; they attack all the shopping mall if those have creators who refuse to give them all for free… They harash everybody to have all free… They hope creators will give up and give them… or just go away… DONT LISTEN TO THEM... NEVER GIVE UP… YOU HAVE YOUR RIGHT TO BE HERE AND TO SELL YOUR OWN WORK
Chelsea.Cambridge 14 days ago
What does Open Source mean to you?
What does sharing mean to you?
Why on earth would you ever want to ruin a free society of developers just to earn a few pennies? People that think like you are known as misers and monopolists and thrive on Linden Labs not in a free society.
Adrian 13 days ago
real creators never ruined nobody, they are just harashed and hacked… think about this…
HoneyBaudin 14 days ago
nobody "ruins " nobody just because good creators and people you attack bring a lot of freebies too… Your only problem is that you would like those freebies full perms to give on your places… or even better you would like others to go to have all the opensimworld for yourself, then who knows what would happen ??? How much would be the region for sale or rent ? If you could control all, then you could put all prices you want and freebies… dont even know what would be free then.. or how laggy places would be …
LindaShelby 13 days ago
Is the cost of the servers that makes you attack OSGrid free land for newbies? https://gyazo.com/c6daac433f42800ec92e...
and why you offer land to newbies if that cost you so much?
Adrian 13 days ago
that girl didn't attack nobody… she has been attacked, that makes a big difference… people insulted her work than insulted her because she was not giving all for free… imagine what nonsense it is … quite stupid…
Winters 14 days ago
the opensim metaverse is NOT SECONDLIFE Adrian ... Selling in opensim is stupid until Oars, Iars and god powers are eliminated from opensim code .... most of the sellers in opensim are not creators but re-sellers of old secondlife templates
Adrian 13 days ago
people can protect their work… you can find a way I am sure about it
HoneyBaudin 14 days ago
so let the good real creators work … this is called FREEDOM… people can buy if they want and take freebies if they want… but maybe you prefer to have only bad mesh and copy stolen stuff all free on some places… it's your choice… For myself I prefer a good grid with no lag, no bad mesh and creators who build all on the grid I live.
Chelsea.Cambridge 14 days ago
Adrian 13 days ago
Good Winters, love you ! FREEDOM means let people alone and do what they want, visitors go where they want how they want… but some prefer to make many accounts to try to discourage some to go to some places… the fun is first they attacked saying the places were not good to see, then they attacked to have all for free… see how stupid it is… makes nonsense…
LindaShelby 15 days ago
Real Opensim Content Creators will never leave Opensim they love this game, they made this game, i never saw them begging money too, because it's not about money it's all about love and passion for the game. Resellers need to lose money before they quit and they will in time. Then this game will be much better.
Daddysbrain2 15 days ago
"They" who!!!????????????????
Daddysbrain2 15 days ago
They do!? omgaaaaah yes you are right because Mike Lorrey alt
SamanthaAtkins worte
"I have the impression that soon you will not see absolutely your own regions, they will capture the entire Universe, opensim !!!
This is a very large organization hacker they came to take over this world..........." so that has to be true!!!
HoneyBaudin 14 days ago
Dream, dream… of owning all... Dont worry we all know what is at the back…. people never let all free when they control all, then they'll put the prices they want and dont know what freebies they'll have or how laggy the places will be… But we are lucky some grids owners wont close their grid and creators and malls will stay there with no lag or bad mesh
LindaShelby 13 days ago
This is not about owning all like in SL, Here is about giving all to everybody, be sure they have more then they will ever need and them let them expand in freedom with no need to buy anymore!
Closed grids dry and die them people move back to freedom like Inworldz saga that a minor collateral damage. Once they taste freedom there is no way back :-)