coder coder posted March 7, 2019, 17:39

Das neue Metro - Nun eine Insel der Glückseeligen?

Ist das nun das neue Metro?
Seit gestern ist festzustellen, dass das neue Metro ( keine HG Besucher zulässt. Avatare können raus teleportieren, externe Avatare bekommen die Mittleilung das das Grid gesperrt sei.

Habt ihr andere Erfahrungen?


Metro_Watcher 3 months ago
Admins of Metropolis work so hard to build walls and be as unfriendly to other outside grids as possible.
Seriously who wants to visit Metropolis grid? Anyone?
The administrators have a bad reputation for lies and hypocrisy.
They set a good roadmap for the fastest way to kill a grid.
simonaskytower 3 months ago
At the end of the day, Metro lost anything it had to offer. Free attachments still exist on OSG, Neverworld, Sacrarium, and Zetaworldz grids. Who needs Metro?
LindaShelby 3 months ago
We must not forget this grid in november 2017 was Opensim biggest grid in all Opensim metaverse with 4.500 activeusers.
This is a new innovating concept of Grid is too advanced for us, and way above any mortal comprehension, as we are in Opensim visions are open too, each one has it's way to see Opensim, for them now became this way. Let's wait and see :-)
LindaShelby 3 months ago
They also need to update the Grid Statistics

Online since : 20.264 hrs
Regions total Checking Details : 2.338
Regions last 60 days: 932
Regions Online Show Online Regions : 381
Regions Area: 241 km2

Avatars total: 18.179
Avatars last 30 days: 3.065
Avatars last 24 hours: 176
Avatars Peak Online: 115
Avatars Online Show Online Avatars : 6
HG-Visitors Online: 0

This looks like Greek, Allcity, and Digiworldz fake statistics
simonaskytower 3 months ago
Seems that way to me too.. digiworldz counts logins as unique users... what load of crap!