stabba1234 stabba1234 posted January 1, 2019, 12:24

about ldu grid

hi just to explain to every1 that we are a voice enabled grid and we do type as well - as a rule we do take the time to greet people. I do understand that some people cannot use voice, but you must understand as well that some residents are unable to type, so I must accommodate that way as well.

if anyone has a issue please contact grid owner (me) inworld.

or leave a message.


Hyacinth 5 months ago
You know what would be wonderful, is if we had a voice service that would transcribe to text as well. I personally hate using voice in SL or OpenSim. But it is a very real accessibility issue for some people, who have trouble typing.

What I would suggest. Clearly post signs in the welcome area, that you are a voice grid. And it is to accommodate people with accessibility issues with typing. That is perfectly legitimate, and people should understand. Maybe if you do not usually watch chat, you can make a button that people can press, like a big horn that goes "ahhhoooohggaaaahhhh!" to get your attention for chat. :)