mmicharis mmicharis posted December 18, 2018, 16:06


I am not new to SL or the HG, but I have been having a bit of trouble actually finding people. It may be that everybody has a sim and they are busy building ( I do that too, but can be quite isolating sometimes). I would like to meet people to start new projects with, to be social, I love role playing, creating venues etc. I live in the Kitely grid, contact me if you would like to make friends. Amalia Rivers is my name and my sim is called Mercy. Thanks!


becca_kershaw 5 months ago
Come to Club Equinox Thursdays and Sundays you will meet plenty of people there!
Krystal 5 months ago
Hi Amalia, i have sent a message.
AstorHeresy 5 months ago
DISCORD ME : Father//#0001