Frankie Frankie posted November 12, 2018, 22:11

Photo Competition for Everyone!!

There's a photo competition at Art Box (1 and 2). Looking for your best snaps, with or without Photoshop enhancement, based on the immersive art gallery that is Art Box. You dress up, you pose, you snap, you send the photo(s) to me Frankie Rockett (or the owner of the region if you can't remember my name for 5 minutes ha!) and the best six get featured in the Art Box Gallery (center of Art Box 2) for one year with your name attribution too. So - what are you waiting for? Virtual world fame awaits! Hypergrid to - Box 1

Click click!

(Photo: One of last year's entries taken using Art Box sets).


iHope 7 months ago
Sounds like fun! :P I might do this when I can remember to do one.. or two. lol... When's the deadline for this competition?