Krystal Krystal posted November 10, 2018, 06:20

Australians or those who love Australia _ WANTED

Hi, I am looking for a group of Australians or those who love Australia to be involved in a unique project on the Great Canadian Grid. It will be Aussie themed and I think very exciting. If you are interested please send me an IM or reply via here and I will get back to you. I will be in grid most evenings after Nov 12, (Aussie times). Looking for about 5/6 people, more is good as well :) cheers Krystal Moonstone@greatcanadiangrid.


Maximus_Lear 18 days ago
Sounds Like A Cool Project Krystall . Happy Aussie hunting.
Krystal 23 days ago
Hi still looking for people to be involved in an awesome project on GCG.... I have an amazing Opera House, thank you opensimworld :) and it will be placed in NSW! First cab off the rank :)
opensimworld 1 months ago
I have a sydney opera building if you are interested
Krystal 1 months ago
Hey there, that would be awesome, how do i meet up to get it? ty :)