JimmyOlsen JimmyOlsen posted September 23, 2018, 19:14

YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but...

Opening this thread after someone has left a bad review on my sim because she didnt agree about the GDPR policy...

"Wth is GDPR policy"
- The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to individuals over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

"All grids asking for registration then?"
- Not all grids but the commercial ones were forced to.

"WTH I have to do with this law if I not even European?"
- YES, I KNOW.. IT SUCKS.... but... Grids owners cant control (or its too complex and costy $$$) to know who is who. I run a Norwegian sim but I could be from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on RL or even from Tivunantampuran, India and u wouldnt know...

-YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... let me tell u a thing.. Info being collected refers only to ur av name, age, IP address, time u log in there and harware/software used on PC used only for grid statistics.. Grids owners are not worried if u watch porno on PC or even u own copybotted stuffs in inventory.. And guess what. ALL GRIDS ALWAYS COLLECTED info about u. Difference now u know tha happens!!

-YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... please follow carefully instructions from grids website.. Most of times (99,9%) are from people who types either "http" or the "/" (or even both) at hypergrid address.. For whom IMmed asking for help I could manage them all to get to my sim, so please dont give us, sim owners, a bad review. just try to contact us first (or why not the grid support).

-YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... Sun is yellow, Moon is white, someone here is gay - u couldnt not agree but if u still want to travel hypergrid (stuff u cant do at SL) its ur choice.. but nothing u do will change it. and my advise is: relax! registration is done once for AV!

YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... some people working to make process more simple. Hope one day all grids will do the same (but its all about $$$ u know)..
Bill Bright has just shown me a project he s been working at to make it more simple (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation).

well, hope to have clarified about GDPR here. Please leave ur comments here and tell me what u think about this thread. Thx :)


teddlesruss 5 months ago
New to hypergrid but my world's definitely not commercial, I didn't much like the amount of crap it caused on other earlier grids, one of the reasons I started my own sim.

I reckon we're better off without tieing our worlds to fiat currencies and the idea of a debt economy - why replicate RL when we can do and be so much better?
scanners 7 months ago
**** "All grids asking for registration then?" - Not all grids but the commercial ones were forced to. **** ---- TAHTS the Point. Dont be an commercial Grid .. thats the easy solution !!! .... I think this regulation is good. Now every user can see right from the start what grids are all about their money. I like to boycot such grids. Opensim should be free and also free of money.
sirswaghorse 7 months ago
lolz scanners maybe do some research before spouting nonsense anyone who runs a grid weather it be commercial or not still has to follow the gdpr policy. and as opensimworld said the rules apply equally. and as for boycotting such grids that wont work considering the vast majority of people dont mind them grids existing in os as the numbers seem to show.
scanners 7 months ago
my posting based on an zitat from JimmyOlsen. Wehn my post is nonsens .. He said the nonsens first.
opensimworld 7 months ago
the rules apply equally to non-commercial grids, it's just that they are not likely to be liable and most likely nobody will go after them. In fact, technically anyone who runs a region and allows visitors is processing personally identifying information.
JustynTyme 7 months ago
Love the collecting Data! Don't people know gov't collects your data and knows your every move! So what, if you have nothing to hide don't worry. I walk naked in my home, hope the gov't enjoys the view :-)
QueenOfNarnia 7 months ago
The funny thing is the left hand of the gov't doesn't know what the right hand is doing most of the time. (^_=)
JustynTyme 7 months ago
Lately so true!
JimmyOlsen 7 months ago
JimmyOlsen 7 months ago
yeah.. grid owners are not worried if u watch porno or what lol
Maximus_Lear 7 months ago
Great Post Jim!
logansryche 8 months ago
There's alot of politics that go into the good and bad of the GDPR, but is easier to comply then be on the offense. I have nothing to hide. Good article to bring to light though Jimmy.
Genevieve 8 months ago
Hi Jimmy,

Are folks not aware that most regular websites they visit collect that information? How do they think specific ads keep popping up which target their shopping interests, references to past articles or searches they have performed online and viewed, and promotions in the area that they reside in? The data collected here is much less invasive.

As to their registration and traveling around the Hypergrid ... it is a matter of choice which is given to the individual and should be utilized by them. The beauty of the Hypergrid is that if you do not like the standards that have been set up, the registration process, etc. of one specific grid you can find hundreds of other sims to visit. It is not as if we all fall under one umbrella and one grid. Varying choices do exist, which are not readily available by some other interactive platforms ...

You have a beautiful and interactive sim/region, which I enjoy visiting, and I hope many do not pass over visiting your region over a posted comment but decide for themselves.

And ... I can't wait for the Northern Lights!

JimmyOlsen 8 months ago
eheh me too. but it s going to be rainy until 05th October at RL so does at my sim..well, hope some sun shows up fora while and u can see it :) (even if u turn it on manually, eh :) )
Satyr 8 months ago
I consent