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OS Grid Donation Drive Events & Scheduling - Sept 21-28, 2018

OS Grid Donation Drive Events & Scheduling - Sept 21-28, 2018 OS Grid Fundraiser Carnival 2018 __________________________________________________________________ Greetings everyone, OS Grid which has given us all so much, reaches out and asks us all for a bit of help in return during our Annual Carnival Fundraiser Donation Drive. The Open Source Grid charges no money for content, entertainment or even land, but not all is free to the grid itself. Servers to host all of this must be paid for along with a few miscellaneous expenses needed to keep us afloat, therefor we rely on the generosity of our residents and guests.

YouTube video Promotion of OSG Donation Drive Carnival

Hypergrid Business Website covering OS Grid's Donation Carnival 2018

GoFundMe Page Online ________________________

Donate ________________________ You may donate by going to our website at Sign up for a subscription donation or donate a one time sum

OR you can go to the GoFundMe page at:

Donate in SL using our designated donations avatar: OSgridInc Resident

You may email a pledge to

By Check: Please make checks out to OSgrid Inc. and mail to: OSgrid Inc. P.O. Box 1001 Rincon, GA 31326 USA ________________________

The Events _________________________ Numerous grid- wide events are lined up for fundraiser from September 21st - 28th, 2018. We welcome all residents and guests to participate as viewers and contributors via donation, and thank all of you who come and join in both as spectators and participants!

We have included traveling road shows at some of our members clubs and stages around OS Grid as well as the events on Event Plaza's Stage & Dance venue and a new Special; Events Region. Please join us and be a part of making our grid be strong and last long! __________________________________________

Events Schedule for the Carnival ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 1.....Friday, September 21st ___________________________________________ Event Plaza Friday Party

8.00am - 9.00am DJ Aussie 9.00am - 10am DJ Kawaii 10am - 11am DJ Princess 11am - 12noon DJ Aussie 12noon - 2pm DJ LaNani 2pm - 4pm DJ Fearless 4pm - 6pm DJ Purr 6pm - 7pm DJ LadyJo 7pm - 8pm DJ Aussie ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 2.....Saturday, September 22nd ___________________________________________ 11am - 3pm - Creators Donation Auction - Foxx Bode Auctioneer 4pm - 6pm Swimsuit Contest @ Special Events Runway Women & Men Both 6pm - 8pm Swimsuit Contest After party at Sirens hosted by TIGGS - 6-7 DJ Marceli - 7-8 DJ Cataplexia ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 3.....Sunday, September 23rd ___________________________________________ 11:30 am-1pm The Hate Won't Win- DJ Higher 1pm -6pm Maritime Club - lineup to be announced ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 4.....Monday, September 24th ___________________________________________ 10am - 12n Trancelucid Club Opening - DJ Kawaii 3pm - 7 PM Tribute Palooza at Special Events ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 5.....Tuesday, September 25th ___________________________________________ 12n - 5pm Almost Islands Live Events ~12 noon to 1 PM - Lucky Chiung ~1 PM to 2 PM - Joao Frazao ~2 PM to 4 PM - Lucky Chiung ~4 PM to 5 PM - Greybeard Thinker 5pm - 7pm Belly Dancing - Oasis Ballroom - DJ Cataplexia ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 6.....Wednesday, September 26th ___________________________________________ Event Plaza Wednesday Party

8.00am - 10.00am DJ Aussie 10.00am - 11.00am DJ Kawaii 11.00am - 12.00 Noon DJ Princess 12.00 - 2.00pm DJ LaNani 2.00pm - 3.00pm DJ Higher 3.00pm - 4.00pm DJ LadyJo 4.00pm - 5.00pm DJ Purr 5pm - 6pm Nazirah (Live Performance) 6.00pm - 7.00pm DJ Camila 7.00pm - 8.00pm DJ Cataplexia ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 7.....Thursday, September 27th ___________________________________________ 11am - 2PM Soccer Tournament - DJ to Be Announced 2 pm - 4 PM Soccer Afterparty at ArtSpeak Cafe' - DJ Cataplexia 4 pm - 7 pm Greedy Marathon hosted by Cilla Teebrook ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Day 8.....Friday, September 28th ___________________________________________ Event Plaza Friday Party

8.00am - 9.00am DJ Aussie 9.00am - 10am DJ Kawaii 10am - 11am DJ Princess 11am - 12noon DJ LadyJo 12noon - 2pm DJ LaNani 2pm - 4pm DJ Fearless 4pm - 5pm Singergirl 5pm - 7pm DJ Purr 7pm - 8pm DJ Aussie ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________


evens52 2 months ago
This person Cata is known spammer in osg. I had to unfriend her because when she has events she post it in group chat on 10 groups, send notices on same 10 groups, blast IM to her friend list and in openchat she types all caps. 20 invites for the one place no thanks. I wish admin would combat spam.
abernice 2 months ago
This is a discussion forum -- please don't use for advertising events or promotions that are clearly not appropriate discussions here. You have the events listing and your region listing page to post and advertise with.
sirswaghorse 2 months ago
In other discussions you complain about spam yet all you seem to be doing is spamming your complaints where they don't belong just inform an admin if your so concerned. No need to make drama which seemed to be your goal with your complaint.
abernice 2 months ago
those postings you refer to are not discussions but rather self promotion.
There are ways of promoting events and news and this is (my opinion) not the place.
Since you seem to think this discussion forum is for events and region/grid self promotion maybe you could reply to the post I created about this issue?
Would love to see a rational thoughtful point of view regards not posting discussions but rather using a "discussion form" for posting events and region/grid news?
CocoaDo 2 months ago
BBQ Bernice, going after fund-raisers gives new meaning to the word deplorable.
abernice 2 months ago
you talk about grief but sure are good at dishing it out ...
You have an opportunity here in this "Discussion" to put forward good reasons why posting events and self promotion of regions/grids is acceptable in this "discussion forum" even tho these kinds of postings are not "discussions".
I wish osgrid and cataplexia and you too the best of success however dont spam discussion forums with non-discussions. Now imagine everyone posts their event, special news here? What happenns is that legitimate discussion posts get buried under all the spam right? How nice is that? How fair to subvert a given purpose to self interest?
Look at the threads ... My beacon is not working help, my landing point is wrong help, any scripts available for hunts, help, etc. That is what this forum is about.
Since it appears you can not form any reason or rationale you attack me personally, call me names hahahahaha.
Thats very sad
CocoaDo 2 months ago
You have the opportunity here with the message board to practice what you preach. I really look forward to reading all the many positive and helpful discussions you start and add to.
abernice 2 months ago
I don't see anyone posting to any of these threads justification for using the discussion forum for posting events and self promotions .. not you or swag who seem rather passionate about this. Seems you both can only attack me personally trying to distract from not having any good rational or reasons of your own for posting events and self promotion in this discussion forum. You can see others who agree with me.
However I will proffer this idea ... Opensimworlds used to have a "news" section that was perfect for what you want to do and it was used extensively for self promotion and event posting or any other kinds of region news.
I would be happy to join with you and others to petition the admins of opensimworlds to bring it back. Why it was disposed of I have no idea. We can gather support to bring it back and in so doing leave the discussion forum to its intended purpose.
What say CocoDo?
sirswaghorse 2 months ago
Maybe you should leave the rule enforcing to the admins of this site which you are clearly not. If they had any issue with this post then they would have removed it. If you think this post breaks any rules of this site then inform an admin.
abernice 2 months ago
thank you for using this "discussion forum" for what it is designed for
I am not complaining but rather is education for those who don't seem to understand that this is a "discussion" forum not a "news and event" posting arena. Hopefully they will use the tools of promotion opensimworlds provide and use this "discussion" forum for discussions right?
Those with events can use the event posting provided on the region listing, can promote their region using "gold coins" or use their region listing itself.
Imagine if everyone uses this "discussion" form for listing every event, news item for their region/grid as self promotion.
This rather defeats the intended use of posting questions about openimworlds, opensim use, region issues such as tech where they are looking for answers from the community.
maybe you would like to read the opensimworlds tos -- they do not police so no i agree with you no rules broken however posting events and region/grid news in this forum is (in my opinion) not appropriate and being a discussion forum this is the place to say so.
Rather than admins spending time policing I would like them to bring back the "news" section and continue working on making opensimworlds the go to site for finding regions, events where people are, most popular, most liked, and newest region listings Kudos to the admins for keeping it working so fantastically for everyone. That seems time well spentl rather than spending their time as you suggest.
pheonixrenfold 2 months ago
to me this sounds very much like a discussion.. as you have just made it one... just saying ☻
JimmyOlsen 2 months ago
it became a discussion now lolol